A firewall issue occurred at St George city on Tuesday evening (24 Mar 2015) around 11:00 pm which resulted in SGU1 appearing to be offline.

If you normally connect by IP connection, you would not have been able to do so this morning.

The base continued to broadcast corrections by UHF radio throughout the disruption.

Service was restored at 11:40 am Wednesday (25 Mar 2015) by the City IT guys (they are great!) I just checked and all is well again.

I will ask the NGS to reload the missing files so nearby OPUS solutions will have local observation data. This usually takes an hour or so.

As always, let Todd or I know if you have problems and we will try to get it sorted out.

Todd Jacobsen (435) 627-4124 todd.jacobsen@sgcity.org
Mark Silver (801) 412-0011 x16 ms@igage.com

SGU1 has been trending amazingly well recently. You can look at the last 60 days of NGS checks with this link:


Have a great week,