May 2015
May already? We're not quite sure where the time has gone here at H&H HQ – 2015 seems to be flying by at the speed of light! It's a good time to slow down, smell the gorgeous flowers, and be mindful – provided it's not raining! To help you take some time out, this month we've got new book news, gorgeous puppy pics, and a very important election for you to think about ... 
New this month!
Among the wolves – memoirs of a wolf handler
One girl, eleven wolves – and a whole host of heart-warming stories.
The fascinating story of Toni’s life with eleven charismatic wolves at the UK Wolf Conservation Trust, Berkshire, England. Over ten years, she handled, raised, cared for and nursed these amazing creatures, and within these pages you will come to know the characters; laugh at their sense of fun, mourn at their passing – and learn to love them as she does. 
Describing some of the best and worst of times, discover what happened behind closed doors, when the public went home, leaving just Toni and the wolves ...
In his review of Among the wolves, Marc Bekoff of Psychology Today called the book "extremely thought-provoking," noting that Toni's comments on zoos are "important for future generations of captive animals who simply cannot be released into the wild." 
You can read the whole review on the Psychology Today website.
Among the wolves will be available to buy at the end of the month, but if you'd like any more information, drop us a line at
The truth about wolves and dogs, Toni's first book with Hubble & Hattie, is available now at the H&H website. You can see Toni in action in her YouTube mini series of the same name here.
Mental Health Awareness Week
Every year, between May 11th-17th, the Mental Health Foundation aims to raise awareness about mental health and wellbeing. This year, the focus is on mindfulness.
Have you gone for a long walk, breathing in the crisp, fresh air, and suddenly realised that four hours have passed? Have you listened so intently to a song that, for a moment, you weren’t thinking about anything but how beautiful the melody was? That’s mindfulness! 
Mindfulness is paying attention to the present moment, without getting stuck in the past or worrying about the future. Mindfulness can be practiced standing, sitting and walking; both indoors and out; at home, in schools, at work, or simply out and about. It helps us observe the way we think and feel about our experiences, whether good or bad, which, in turn, can change the way we manage and react to stressful situations.

We at H&H are firm advocates of the positive impact animals have on our lives, as we've explored in our series on animals and wellbeing over at the blog. When you're playing fetch with your dog, or curled up on the sofa with your cat, you're in the perfect position to practice mindfulness – let your furry friends help you to be in the moment.
Our book, My Dog, my Friend, also focuses on the many ways that dogs improve our mental wellbeing. What's more, all author royalties generated from the sale of the book go to Samaritans, to support its invaluable work of alleviating emotional distress and reducing suicidal behavior. 
There are lots of Mental Health Awareness Week events happening around the country, so to see what's going on near you and get involved, click here, or help spread the word by using the #MHAW15 hashtag on Twitter
Vote for Britain's National Bird
Puffin for PM? 

Forget about the General Election for a moment ... the question on everyone's lips isn't who's going to be the new Prime Minister this week, but what our new national bird is going to be!
In the sixties, the Robin was voted Britian's favourite bird. Since then, it's held its title unchallenged, and the Urban Birder, David Lindo, feels that it's high time for a change. He's fronting a campaign to help find Britain's new national bird!
The idea is to take a look at the short list on the website, see what the ten birds have to offer, then vote for the one you feel best personifies (or should that be birdsonifies?) all that our wonderful nation represents.
The closing date for voting is midnight, Thursday 7th May, so be sure to vote bird after you've voted in the General Election!
To see the shortlist in full, learn a little more about the campaign, and cast your vote, visit the website.

Meet Mopsie!
Your dog and you author Gill Garratt introduces us to the newest member of her family ...
"Mopsie was born on January 26, 2015 – one of a litter of seven – on a farm near Helston, Cornwall. I visited the farm and met her mum, Skye, and her brothers and sisters, tumbling about in the straw under a warming lamp. Mopsie was quite distinctive, with a white ruff that set her apart from the others.
"I brought her home to us when she was nine weeks old. Her first night was spent settled in her crate,
with a bed of straw brought from her farm pen; she settled well, but was overjoyed to see me in the morning. Her first day with us was spent quietly at home, but the day after she met the grandchildren, aged four and two, and the calm was over. They all snuggled together and had a great time.
"Her first visit to the vet for inoculations went well, and he stressed the importance of exposing Mopsie
to as many new things as possible in the critical socialisation period up to sixteen weeks of age. So we took her to a local Green music festival where she experienced samba music and a lot of noise, carrying her all the time, or sitting her with Cora, our granddaughter, because she hadn't yet had the second set of jabs.
"Her first venture into the garden was undertaken with caution and trepidation; once she had her confidence,
she scampered around, hiding in the foliage. A trip to the beach the next day meant going in the car. We had tried putting her in our camper van in her crate, but she howled and howled: some research on the web meant we switched to her harness and seatbelt, and she was much happier.
"Our son, John, carried Mopsie to the beach, as she was still unable to be put on the ground, but she
looked at the sea and sat on a rock. Around the house, she soon found her paws, and when we put down puppy pads for her to toilet on, she took to them, apart from the occasional accident. She loves racing round the garden, but now pops back inside the house to do her wees!

"We talk to other dog owners for advice. I came down one morning to find she had pulled out one of my
leaflets on puppy training and chewed the edge, but she is responding well to ‘sit,' 'drop’ and ‘off,’ and her recall on the whistle is going well. She still gets giddy at about 6pm, and races wildly round the house, so more exercise in the garden with chasing games and a ball is called for.
"She really is just like the grandchildren, who also go wild at around 6pm: the puppy/children mix is a
great combination.
"Now she has had all her vaccinations, we can go further afield; last weekend we were walking around
Falmouth's Pendennis Castle, in the grassy moat and fields. In a dog walking field nearby, Mopsie was racing about with a new friend, a fifteen-month-old Jack Russell – her first proper playtime outside with another dog. She was exhausted afterwards!"
Your dog and you is available now from the Hubble & Hattie website!
Remembering Tony Kemp
We have been deeply shocked and saddened by the sudden death of our friend and colleague, Tony Kemp, our sales director at Star Books Sales.

Our thoughts are with Tony's family and friends at this very sad time. He will be greatly missed.


The new face of Facebook ...
Looka the lovely Lurcher makes a big impression!
We were blown away by the response to this picture of the lovely Looka, that we posted on our Facebook wall a while ago, which set a new H&H record with over 1200 likes, nearly 9000 shares, and over 600,000 people reached. Thanks to everyone who liked and shared it – It just goes to show how big a part dogs play in our lives. Let's just hope the fame doesn't go to Looka's head!
Looka is the star and inspiration of our groundbreaking book My Dog, my Friend, which is available now on the H&H website.
Quote of the month
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