Newsbrief October 28, 2013

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Dear McKay Scholarship Schools,

   Today you received an email from FLDOE Office of Independent Education and Parental Choice about payments for students taking Florida Virtual School (FLVS) classes.  It states that any student who has been enrolled in a FLVS class this semester will have deductions taken from the November payments.
   Hold the presses!  The Coalition of McKay Scholarship Schools had been made aware of this issue last week.  The Coalition protested the poor timing and implementation of this assessment.  Parents and schools were to be told after the fact that the scholarship payments would be reduced retroactively.
   Due to The Coalition’s and other stakeholders’ protests, we have been informed by The Choice Office that NO FUNDS WILL BE DEDUCTED FROM NOVEMBER’S PAYMENTS.  Unfortunately, about 170 checks had already been cancelled but The Choice Office assures us that supplemental payments will be made before December.
   The final determination of deductions from McKay scholarships of students enrolled in FLVS classes is still to be made.  The Coalition will keep you informed.
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