Field Trips and Events
Saturday, May 5, Wildflower Hike, Thompson Wildlife
Management Area,
 Leader:  Bryan MacKay
Located near Front Royal, VA, it's a two-hour drive from Baltimore, but well
worth the long trip. This wonderful forest atop the Blue Ridge harbors
millions (that's not a misprint!) of large-flowered trilliums.
It's an impressive sight.  There are lots of wild geranium and mayapples
flowering at this time, and several colonies of rare yellow ladies slippers.  
And birding is good too; it's peak migration, and the trees at Thompson are
just starting to green up, meaning the birds are easier to see than back in
Baltimore where trees are fully leafed out. We'll hike a three-mile circuit
including a part of the Appalachian Trail.  It's rocky underfoot but we'll go
slowly so the elevation change won't be a problem.  Bring binoculars,
camera, lunch and water.  Might be a nice area to spend the weekend!  To
register or for more information, contact Bryan MacKay (mackay@umbc.
edu) at 410-747-7132.  Canceled if rainy.
Saturday, May 5, 9-1030AM, Patterson Park Garden Team
Help maintain the park's native gardens!  Meet at the Audubon pollinator garden, just west of the boat lake.  No need to register - tools, gloves, water, and snacks provided.  Call 410-558-2473 with questions, or email
Sunday, May 6, 8AM, Milford Mill Birdwalk with Tim Houghton
A new location for us last year, Milford Mill proved why it has long been
known to Baltimore’s birders as a great migrant trap. There should be plenty
to see and hear at this time of year and Tim is just the leader to find them.  
To sign up for a wonderful warbler experience, contact Tim by e-mail, or call 410-510-7504.  
Sunday, May 6, 1-3PM, Birding by Ear for Beginners - Pickering Creek
Cost: $10/adult; $5/child
Have you ever been out in the woods and heard the lilting call of a mysterious bird? Well, the mystery can be solved! Come on out to Pickering Creek to learn some of Maryland’s most common birds and the sounds that they make. The program will include a discussion on the techniques used to remember birdcalls, as well as a bird-hike to test out your new skills.  Registration is required three days in advance by calling (410) 822-4903.Children are considered ages 15 and under unless otherwise noted.
We are looking for someone to write the "Kid's Corner" section of our newsletter.   The "Chesupioc" is published three times a year, please see past issues on our website for ideas and email if you are interested, or for more information.  Our next issue will be coming out the end of May.
Not only do migrating birds have to avoid wind towers and glass buildings, but communication towers can also be a threat: 
How can YOU make a difference for migrating birds?
Looking Ahead
May 12 - International Migratory Bird Day at Harford Glen
May 12 - Marsh Restoration with Pickering Creek at Blackwater
May 13 - Susquehanna Park Birdwalk for Warblers
May 19 - Oriole Day - Cromwell Valley Park
May 20 - Soldier's Delight Birdwalk
May 26 - Patterson Park Urban Birding
May 26 - Canoe Trip Marshy Point
June 16 - "Tour, Toast, and Taste" for Pickering Creek