Even more seasons go round and round
Reflecting Your Kindness
 2020 has been filled with complexities and unanticipated ongoing challenges for all.

Every week we are reminded of how much we appreciate each one of you for the
many ways you supported our efforts this year especially, and over many years.

   Merasi School spitfires remain at home 

Facing Injustice by birth, the best antidote continues to be education, Merasi School, and the preservation of their musical legacy.

YOU jumped in when we asked, then we managed navigating:
  • Four deliveries of survival food relief packets
  • Intensified local oppression caused by lockdown
  • Two pandemic cancellations for LKSS hosting another AIF Clinton Fellow
  • The Merasi School closure nearly nine months still ongoing
  • A resilient pivot to home school booklets & supply deliveries
Despite ongoing hunger, student enthusiasm is the beacon of light that leads us through this trying period of upheaval with determination.

    Standing proud in a repurposed sweatshirt

We offer Thanksgiving this year with an especially deepened appreciation:
* To you who traditionally witnessed many historic Merasi firsts
* And to you new as FARmily

 For side by side we stand

Where There is Will, We Find Our Way

FAR Kindness Brigade, you're the best
*Thank You*
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