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Mid October 2010
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  1. Meet Colleen Live! 
  2. Community Update
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  5. Monthly Healing Question: How to Regulate and Re-balance Your Body's Temperature Controls
  6. Affiliates Being Accepted 
  7. Healing Thoughts...
Meet Colleen Live!
Arizona Self-Healing Community folks, get your extreme discount mini-sessions of surrogate muscle testing with FREED or EFT in increments of 20 minutes for $20!
Saturday October 23rd 3 - 8 PM at
Lightworkers Gifts & Energy Healing Center
5116 W. Peoria Ave, Glendale, AZ 85302
(East of Sprouts Market in the same shopping center)
F.R.E.E Admission and Complimentary Presentations start at 6 PM--I'd love to meet YOU!
Community Update
Do you feel sometimes that things just keep getting crazier, more chaotic on this planet? 
Recently I heard Nina Lesowitz, author of "The Courage Companion" on a radio interview talking about how much courage we all need to stay sane despite society's craziness.  She said, "Creation of community is the best way to deal with the chaos." 
I agree, hence my creation of our self-healing community. My mission is for EVERYONE on Earth to know that they don't to suffer, live in pain or fear... and to offer free resources for their self-healing
For those who are ready to take the next step in accelerated self-healing and learning via personal interaction with me, I've created a second level in our community.
Our international self-healing community will be available online by November 1st 2010 and have 2 levels:
  1. Bronze Self-Healers (free BASIC membership includes this newsletter and various free teleseminars) 
  2. Silver Self-Healers (memberships for a few cents a day with a permanent 50% subscription discount for members who subscribe in 2010)
 I'll announce ALL details during the below
F.R.E.E. teleclass! 
How to Stay UP while the Economy is DOWN!
Friday Evening October 29 in North America/Europe
Saturday Morning October 30 in Australia/NZ/Asia
If you're like most folks these days, you're feeling a bit beaten down, disappointed, distrustful and cynical about the economy and job situation getting better. 
Many people (including myself!) in my workshops and private sessions muscle test "yes" when I state, "I am afraid to be hopeful/joyful/happy." Quite often, this subconscious fear that the bad times will never end is bringing you more of the same--bad times.
Join me via phone to learn and work together in a group phone session:
  • To identify reasons why you're afraid to be happy
  • To use FREED and EFT to release these fears, negativity, distrust and feeling trapped, then let the abundance and good things flow to you
  • To learn private session techniques for staying clear of negative energies... we'll even do energy system clearing as described in my Get FREED ebook!
More call content info, FREE registration HERE and a chance to ask questions, too!  If you cannot attend, a recording will be available ONLY for those who register!
Spiritual Business Directory
Want to connect with spiritual, honor-based businesses, coaches and practitioners worldwide?
A delightful lady in the UK, Shelagh, saw a need for an online spiritual business directory and created Spiritus in 2008. 
*** Entrepreneurs, October is Spiritual Marketing Awareness Month! *** I joined Spiritus this month for a kinder, gentler spiritual B2B experience... and love it!
You can scan the free business articles and directory without joining by clicking this link.
Q: Why do I sometimes feel too hot or too cold, no matter what the air temperature is around me?
A: Often this condition indicates that your hypothalamus and/or thalamus glands are out of balance. 
Luckily, it's quite easy to REGULATE AND REBALANCE your body's temperature controls... in moments!
Our thalamus and hypothalamus glands are our bodies' thermostats, located in the brain. Like any of our body's organs, these glands can become unbalanced due to stress or other conditions. The most noticeable sign of unbalance in these glands is that we're feeling too hot or too cold.
This technique has worked on me and many colleagues at public events who complained "I'm freezing" when others felt uncomfortably warm.  Relief is often felt in a few minutes. 
This is NOT EFT/MTT or FREED, just light and soothing acupressure. Use at YOUR OWN RISK - this does not replace a doctor's care.
  1. Rub both temples with both hands at the same time, using a light pressure.
  2. Do this 3 times as you rub your temples: with eyes open, inhale and mentally state your intention, "I now open my energy meridians to rebalance my thalamus gland." Exhale.
  3. Do this 3 times as you rub your temples: with eyes closed, inhale and mentally state your intention, "I now open my energy meridians to rebalance my hypothalamus gland." Exhale.
  4. Stop rubbing your temples and relax.  You're done!
You can do this surrogately for an animal or another person, either rubbing their temples or your temples with the intention to help them. Repeat this procedure as needed.
Affiliates Being Accepted Now!
As part of our community dedication to abundance and self-healing, I'm now offering my products for affiliate sales.
Do you offer self-help or self-healing products and services on your sites(s)? If you'd like to include my ebooks, you can setup a free account and get started today. Earn a commission that is paid instantly to your PayPal business account. Info here.
"I am so happy that I worked with you and now use FREED. So, quick and complete. Thank you again.

Oh, yes I told my brother to contact you regarding his back pain. I told him that the best money I ever spent was the check I wrote to you - and I mean that." -
Thanks, S.R.!  Don't we all LOVE learning new ways to heal and help ourselves and others?
You DON'T HAVE TO SUFFER in pain, fear, or stress! Please teach yourself how to get FREED of your healing, abundance and success blocks, or contact me for a free consultation to determine if we're a good client-practitioner fit and I can help you.
With gratitude, love and healing from the desert,
Colleen Flanagan
Phoenix, Arizona, USA
"The Expert to Call When You're Overwhelmed by It ALL!"
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Self-learners, teach yourself how to
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