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Issue #207                                                                                                    Mid-October 2021
Hello & Welcome! 
So... October is a VERY busy month for us. First & foremost we're deep in the throes of planning & packing for Houston and the International Quilt Festival and now more than ever I'm ready for a BIG show! But even so, there's some good stuff for you to enjoy in this newsletter along with a special announcement for our overseas customers, many of whom we haven't been able to ship to for months! (Spoiler alert: Now we can!)
So Happy Halloween my friends and please remember that our end-of-the-month newsletter will actually not drop until the 2nd or 3rd of November because we'll be on the road coming back from what I hope will be an exceptional retail show! 
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Some Good Reading from September!
And... here's an "Oldie but Goodie" from our "Archives" you may enjoy!
October 2021 "Eye Candy"
It’s time for your monthly treat for the eyes & I really LOVE this month's selection of bags.
ALL of the bags pictured below have been shared recently on
(For LARGER images: Click on each individual pic)
Jodie Dennhardt's two  girls both requested an OutBreaker for school this Fall. This 1st sample was a simple color scheme w/ grey upholstery fabric as the main exterior which was a bit difficult to work with but she’s please with the outcome. I wonder what the next bag will look like?

Dale Whyte sent in this picture of her Baggalista saying that this is one of her favorite bags because she loves BOTH the fabric AND the pattern!
After Ray McCoy‘s friend requested a “Hello Kitty” bag he searched and searched
and finally found this fabric from China and here is the Guardian he created for her! What a beautiful result !

Linda Snellgrove loves Tula Pink’s “Linework” collection and these fabrics really accentuate the unique lines of our Ergomatic design! Linda said she LOVES how this bag turned out & I can really see why! 
Susan Cisnek said it took her a LONG time to find this fabric (by Katia Hoffman) which we also used for a memorable sample of our Sling Along design, but that the wait was well worth it since she uses this bag ALL the time!

Charlotte Carlisle said she never could have finished this Sling Along without the timely help of several members of our FaceBook Sewing Group. Could you tell by looking that this was her very 1st bag project? because I sure can’t! 
And after making several Everyday Attache‘s Nancy Rosa branched out on her own by modifying a few features to meet the needs of her customer. I love the OutBack print she chose for this sample & the brave black dotted bias tape she used! 

In case you can't tell, Ray McCoy, is a longtime Grateful Dead fan. He got this fabric at JoAnn’s & even though he detests that store, if you look hard enough sometime you find “a jewel”. I love this Sling Along Ray and yes, the Grateful Dead “rocks”!
Chris Renard (from France) said that despite the difficulty of English to French translation, she is proud to present her Quattro which was completed by a mother AND a daughter. She said she’s looking forward to making others
How about this  Flaptastic by Susan Ciszek! Susan said she kept putting off making this bag thinking it was too difficult, but tshe found the instructions to be surprisingly clear!
(For LARGER images: Click on each individual pic) 
Flexible Shipping Rates! For our US AND our Overseas Customers
We're SO Excited!
Earlier this summer we had to discontinue shipping to our customers in the UK and the EU and it was a great disappointment for all of us, but guess what? Thanks to some new flexible shipping options we have resumed shipping worldwide! Click HERE for more info!
And that's not all! 
In reaction to the announced "slow-down of US shipping for the holidays, (tell me how this make sense?) our US customers can now choose to upgrade their shipping to Priority. 
All of the new changes will automatically appear in your shopping cart as you check out on our website! Check it out!
For your Viewing Pleasure- the Swiss Top Secret Drum Corps
If you're a fan of a good drum line (and count me in), then you will be enthralled by the Swiss Top Secret Drum Corps. They're seriously AMAZING! {Click the image or HERE to watch the video!}
This month we're featuring our Gemini FlightBag pattern, which has multiple amazing & completely seperate storage areas! This shoulder bag is PERFECT for travel, shopping, sporting events and so much MORE! Additionally, check out our Gemini FlightBag Notions Kit!! Why hunt all over town (and the Internet) for beautiful designer zippers & hardware when you can pick up a complete Kit HERE!
So... this month we're offering you the option of using discount code B7K3GEMI to get $3.99 off the retail price of the Gemini FlightBag pattern OR the Gemini FlightBag Notions Kit! But don't delay because this code and this offer will both expire at the stroke of midnight on Sunday night, October 17th!   
This coupon code cannot be used for previous purchases
or in combination with other discount offers.
NOW AVAILABLE! The 2022 version of the StudioKat Designs calendar is now in stock and ready for shipping! As usual it features fun photos of my two sewing "assistants", Pippin & Tabitha! Click HERE to get previews of the interior and to pick a copy for yourself and/or your sewing fbuddies! 
For decades, the donation bin has offered consumers in rich countries a guilt-free way to unload their old clothing. In a virtuous and profitable cycle.
Now that cycle is breaking down. Fashion trends are accelerating, new clothes are becoming as cheap as used ones, and poor countries are turning their backs on the secondhand trade. Without significant changes in the way that clothes are made and marketed, this could add up to an environmental disaster in the making. {Click HERE to read more}
As Funny As Real Life-
Click image or HERE for a larger view.
If you live in the southeast, you may have seen Blackberry Farm Brewery beer for sale at grocery stores, restaurants, and bottle shops. In fact, as a quilter, it probably caught your eye first because of the beers' labels -- inspired by barn quilts and stunning in design. On their website, they state: "The right beer is the perfect complement to mark life's moments both big and small." And we know quilters feel the same way about their quilts. {Click HERE to read more}

On a holiday that is meant to be playfully creepy, if we don’t keep the safety of our pets in mind, Halloween can be a truly frightening experience for them.  But it doesn’t have to be! 
Here are a few tips to keep your cats safe and spook-free throughout the week prior to, and following, Halloween.
{Click HERE to read more.}
Here's Our Upcoming Show Schedule (we hope!):
International Fall Quilt Festival 2021- Oct 28-31, 2021 - Houston, TX
International Sewing Arts Festival - Jan 13-15, 2022 - Ontario, CA
  Road to California 2022 - Jan 19-22, 2022  - Ontario, CA
Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival 2022 - Feb 24-27, 2022 - Hampton, VA
AQS Quiltweek Paducah 2022 - April 27-30, 2022 - Paducah KY 
International Fall Quilt Market 2021- Oct 29-31, 2022 - Houston, TX

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