Free Agustín Aguayo! Iraq war veteran and prisoner of conscience; court martial Tuesday
Agustín Aguayo, a 35-year-old Army medic and conscientious objector, will face court martial this Tuesday, March 6 for resisting redeployment to Iraq. He has already been imprisoned for five months, and faces 79 months more. Courage to Resist videos, leaflets, and more below. Donate to Augie's defense!

Kyle Snyder illegally arrested in Canada on U.S. military request, then released
On February 23, U.S. war resister Kyle Snyder was arrested in Canada for unspecified immigration violations. Kyle was told that the U.S. Army requested the illegal apprehension. (link only)

Mark Wilkerson sentenced to seven months in brig for refusing to return to Iraq
"There comes a time in a person's life when they must do the right moral decision for themselves, doubtless of how popular," he told the media in Crawford, Texas last August. (link only)

Army sets July 16 retrial for Lt. Watada
In the aftermath of the military judge orchestrating a mistrial last month, Lt. Ehren Watada's lawyer Eric Seitz explained "When it's not going well for you, you can't just call a mistrial and start over again" (see How Lt. Watada and GI resistance movement beat the Army). In response to the Army refilling all charges, Mr. Seitz declared that the Army is "behaving irrationally and recklessly ...I love it." Defense motions for dismissal on double-jeopardy grounds are expected to be filed in April.

"Rally Around Lt. Watada" 31 min. Courage to Resist video highlights our efforts, the Tacoma Puppetistas, and many others in support of Lt. Ehren Watada during the week of February 5, 2007 at Fort Lewis, Washington. Produced by Ozoloff.



Free Agustín Aguayo! - Iraq war veteran, prisoner of conscience

Art by Rosesharon Oates

Agustín Aguayo, a 35-year-old Army medic and conscientious objector, will face court martial on March 6 for resisting redeployment to Iraq. He has been formally charged by the Army with desertion and missing movement. If convicted of all charges, Agustín faces a maximum of seven years in prison for following his conscience and refusing to participate in war. He is currently imprisoned pending trial at a military brig in Manheim, Germany.

Nearly three years ago, Agustín applied for a conscientious objector discharge from the Army and later served a full one year in Iraq, all the while refusing to load his weapon. Now Agustín's wife Helga, mother Susana, and his two 11-year-old daughters Raquel and Rebecca, are leading a grassroots campaign for justice and freedom for him and all GI war resisters.


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