Hi there, fellow cat lover,

What a week this has been.

With Thanksgiving only a few days away here,
I'm running behind schedule with this issue of the
Kitty Times. The holiday season is always hectic, as
it probably is in your life, too. So much to do!

I probably will not do two issues per month for
November or December, then. I figure if I'm too busy
to write them, you may also be too busy to read them!

What I'd like to do this time, though, is ask if you
have, or know of, any "miracle" cat stories to tell.

Since this time of year is a celebration of miracles,
I thought it might be interesting (and uplifting) if we
could share our miracles with each other.

I don't have all the details yet, but I know someone
who is going to share her story with us soon. I'll put
it in the December issue, along with others, if there
is room. If I get too many to put into the newsletter,
though, I'll set up a web page (or blog) to showcase them all.

The first story will be about Gus, the cat with diabetes.
He came within a whisker of dying a couple months ago,
when his human dad mistakenly gave him 3 cc of insulin,
instead of 3 "units" of it. That was about 100 times the
correct dose, and he went into a coma. He was at the vet
clinic for more than a week, hanging by a "silver thread."
No one really expected him to live.

But he did. The only obvious side effect was that he
went blind. The story is about how he regained his sight!

I'm anxious to hear about it. How about you?


November is a month of changing weather as the seasons
morph from Autumn into Winter. It can happen overnight,
or gradually. Or, as often happens here in the MidWest,
by fits and starts... freezing one day, balmy the next.

If you think that's hard on you, imagine how it can
affect all the critters who are stuck outside.

If you are caring for any strays in your area, now is
a great time to make some basic preparations for winter
so they can have a better chance at making it through
some pretty tough weather.

Cats, like humans, need shelter, food, water and some
way to be safe. Set up small "way stations" for them.
I have some small, insulated dog houses behind the
garage, with the small doorway facing the garage itself.
Put the opening close enough to a wall so a cat can
go in, but a larger animal cannot. (Please, do not use
those plastic houses. They offer NO protection, except
maybe from wind, but not the cold.)

Put comfy items in there to cuddle into for warmth...
old towels, blankets, etc.

Put a bowl of dry food in a protected place and keep it
full all winter.

The water bowl will take more effort, as it will freeze
daily, most likely. Put fresh water in every day,
preferably about the same time. Cats like routine, so will
learn when to come by to drink.


Every year, someone forgets about that and many cats
die from drinking the water tainted with it.


If you're thinking of getting something for your cat
as a gift this holiday season, here is a place to visit:


If you want something for yourself or for someone you
love who loves a cat, try this:


Just heard some really cute ones from Gina!

"Precious loves my printer. While the other cats
are spooked by it when it makes its noise and
spews out paper, Precious sits in front of the
paper tray swatting at the sheets as they come out.

"I bought my husband a helium balloon. It's been
floating around the house with the ribbon hanging
all the way to the floor. Fluffy LOVES it! She keeps
grabbing onto the ribbon and not just walking,
but PRANCING, around the house carrying "her"
balloon. She's had the balloon for over a week and
just keeps taking walks with it. It's so cute!

"We bought a new pillow bed for Jake (our dog).
He unzipped it and crawled inside and made a
tent out of it. He's now sleeping inside his "tent."

Thanks for the smiles, Gina!

Do you have any fun stories to share about your
cats? Send them in and I'll put them here in
this newsletter. (Include your name and website
if you have one, and I'll give you a "plug" for
your site. Or, anonymous is OK, too. It's
up to you.)


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