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Town Planning Commission meeting...
September 25, 2014
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September 18, 2014
Huntsville News:
Tri-Utah Event Coming this Weekend to Huntsville Town Park
A Tri-Utah State Championship Event will be held this weekend in our Town Park.
On Friday September 12th, Tri-Utah will be setting up for their event in the Town Park and will hold a Children's mini-marathon.
On Saturday September 13th, The Tri-Utah State Championship Event will take place. It will be a swim, bike, and run race. The race will begin at The Point with the swim portion, they will then get on their bikes and loop around the lake three times they will come back into Town and transition to the run portion of the race, with the finish line in Huntsville Town. 
The town will be a busy place Saturday morning. Please plan your day accordingly. Thanks for your patience. These types of events help bring revenue into the Town so we have funds to maintain the park throughout the year. 
Thanks again, and have a great weekend! 
That's All For Now - Have a nice week!  :)
Gail Ahlstrom
Huntsville Town Clerk
Huntsville Town, PO Box 267, Huntsville, Utah 84317