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Really, Really, Stupid Legislation


Now we expect stupidity coming out of the Senate, what to you think the S stands for in SB?   But SB 233 is a whopper of an insult to Oklahoma voters. Senator Brian Crane had the job of filing the legislation to minimize Oklahoma voter’s influence on the Presidential Primaries by moving the Primary date backward three weeks.


Right now we vote on Super Tuesday aloing with the nearby states of  Texas, Florida, Georgia, and Alabama.  The RINO’s talking points are about “moving Oklahoma out of the shadows” caused by the larger states.   This is driven by some recent Republican National Committee rules that is pushing for a winner take all election instead of the proportional delegate award we now have.


Instead of putting us out from under the shadow of larger states the legislation actually disenfranchises voters. A lot of the candidates drop out after Super Tuesday so why would any candidate bother to show up to campaign in Oklahoma after the change? In 2012 every single candidate visited Oklahoma including the first ever appearance by Dr. Ron Paul due to the efforts of the Sooner Tea Party leader running the Ron Paul National Campaign for Oklahoma.


The real reason this legislation was written  was  current Oklahoma GOP leader Dave Weston’s scheme to turn Oklahoma into a winner take all delegate state.  Pushing the voting date backwards past March 15th puts Oklahoma automatically into a winner take all delegate election.    Weston’s plan is to slowly choke off conservative Republican voters and grassroots activists and move Oklahoma from its number one spot as the reddest state in the Union.


The only chance we have of stopping the legislation is to contact the Chairman of the committee and ask that the bill not be heard.  The committee itself is heavily loaded with RINOs so no need to contact anyone other than Weesselhoft as it is his decision whether the bill is heard or not.


Rep. Paul Wesselhoft, Chair









Hillary Tactics Right Here In Oklahoma?

By Ms PM



Lookie here, our own Governor has taken a cue right out of the Clinton playbook.


How long will it be before Governor Mary Fallin runs for President? She certainly has the makings of another great “stonewalling queen.”


Records had been requested over the last 11 months in regards to the execution of Clayton Lockett. Oklahoma Watch made inquiries regarding communication including emails to and from Fallin’s office. It wasn’t quite clear when they will be provided.


The records log released to Oklahoma Watch showed 30 requests for information since April 2014. Nothing had been released. Michael McNutt, Fallin’s spokesperson, makes the excuse for the backlog of released information due to a lack of personnel to process the requests.


Joe Wertz, State Impact reporter stated that the “records shutdown was frustrating.” Something must have happened to put a fire under someone because Wertz received an email on a Friday night that said almost 60,000 pages had magically appeared and were ready for him to pick up.


“The state’s Open Records Act requires that government officials must provide prompt, reasonable access to its records but may establish reasonable procedures which protect the integrity and organization of its records and to prevent excessive disruptions of its essential functions.”


It seems that in the first breath the government is held accountable by saying “officials must provide prompt reasonable access. In the next breath a loop hole is established which allows the safe hiding place for government officials.


In the end it appears that some are consistently above the law.







Ted Cruz

Conservative or Not?


Keeping in mind that normal politics is all about lying to enough people to get elected or to influence public opinion, one would think that the announcement of Ted Cruz for President would be a welcome event for Tea Party activists.     However Cruz raises a lot of red flags for conservatives and one of them is his wife. Heidi Nelson Cruz.   The woman is the head of a division for Goldman Sachs & Co and also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations or the CFR.


CFR of course is a well know globalist organization, advocating a North American Union that strips the U.S. of sovereignty and allows Mexicans and Canadians to literally become U.S. citizens by default.   The idea is centered on the same plan that brought about the European Union and we have seen the problems when mixing poor countries like Greece and Ireland with wealthier countries like Germany, their currency tanks.


Cruz himself worked for the Bush administration, another indicator that the man is a staunch globalist.


We rarely depend on other organizations to deliver the facts on a story but here is one website written by a pastor that absolutely nails the dynamics in the 2016 Presidential Primary race.





Charlie Meadows Stepping Down as the

Public Face of OCPAC?


Long overdue in our opinion and coming four months after the racist newsletter scandal but it looks like things might mend over at OCPAC as Charlie Meadows has announced he would be no longer writing the weekly newsletter and was stepping down as president.


The bombastic old codger is organizing a new newsletter and hanging on as the program director at the weekly meeting under the title Founding President Emeritus/Ambassador

I suppose”Savior of our Nation, Most Exalted Spiritual Dear Leader, and Grand Poobah had already been taken by some tin pot dictator somewhere.  Imperial Wizard and Grand Cyclops were already taken so they had to make do.


While there is no doubt that the move was stem some of the backlash from Charlie’s racist rants as well as chaining down the loose cannon that was Charlie’s newsletter it will remain to be seen if a new leader will be strong enough to pull OCPAC back away from the fringe element it has become.









Konawa Tea Party

(4th) Tuesday March 24, 2015 7:00 - 9:00 PM

Kennedy Library - The Dougan Room

Konawa School, 701 W. South St.











Must be something in the Water in Tulsa

Because They Elect So Many RINOs

By the Watchman


We took a look at some of the worse office holders we had in the state and we began to wonder why so many come from Eastern Oklahoma. A primary example of this would be the Representative from District 75, covering Broken Arrow and part of Tulsa.


The individual we’re talking about is Representative Dan Kirby.   One article of interest we found was this Dan Kirby - Oklahoma Legislature - Open States.  This gives us an idea as to some of the campaign financing he received without going into any detail. It also gives us an idea on some of the bills he voted on so far this year.


The next article of interest we found was this Dan Kirby Offers a Fresh Perspective on the Oklahoma House. Now we concede that this article is rather old being dated July 3, 2009, but were at first stymied by the date. It took some digging but we found out that he faced little opposition from the Republican side and none from the Democrats so he received a victory in the primary.


There was only one item that we found disturbing in that report and that is he won the race for election in District 75 which covers mostly residential areas of Broken Arrow and East Tulsa, yet in that very same report we find where he ran for the office before and lost, but decided to put off any political ambition because his children were quite young at the time.  It says “a daughter who is a Senior at Deer Creek High School and a daughter who attends Tulsa Community College” helped with his campaign. This raises the question of where did he live during his campaign run of 2008-2009, Tulsa or Edmond-Deer Creek?



We next went to to see what information they had available on the Representative. Here is what we found. There is, apparently, no wife in the picture and we’ll drop the subject at that..


We next went to the ratings and endorsements page. Here is a sample of what we found


Agriculture and Food                                      100%

Business and Consumer. (Here the thing to remember is the higher the score the less consumer friendly they are).


Research Institute for Oklahoma for Economic Development 2012             90%

Research Institute for Oklahoma for Economic Development 2011            100%

Research Institute for Oklahoma for Economic Development 2010            100%

OkWatchdog-Position on Consumer and Patient Advocacy 2009                  61%




Oklahoma Conservative Political Action Committee 2014                            49%

Oklahoma Conservative Political Action Committee 2013                            65%

Oklahoma Conservative Political Action Committee 2011                            66%

Oklahoma Conservative Political Action Committee 2009                            46%


Folks these numbers should be screaming bloody murder at you. Anyone looking to elect a conservative with these types of numbers is not serious about Conservative Politics.


We next went to to see what they had on his campaign finances. What we found there was startling. There were numerous individual donations to his campaign, which is not surprising. What we found that was that almost a fourth of his campaign was financed by Native American Tribes.


In addition there were several unions that contributed to his campaign. Most of the donors to his campaign though were corporations that are the backbone of the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce. Folks he’s not up there doing the people’s business, he’s up there doing the State Chambers business.


We next found this interesting site that shows how campaign finances are used to Influence a campaign Dan Kirby (R-OK) | Influence Explorer: Campaign Finance. This is an interesting site that we don’t always find on candidates for office.


We next took a look at the Oklahoma RINO Index for 2014. This index concentrated on items that matter to Oklahomans. You’ll be able to tell from this list that he was truly pulling the weight for the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce and not the Citizens of Oklahoma or the 75th District.


HB 2537 Govt. Funded Lobbyist, Voted Yea, Bill Passed.                   0%

HB 3198 OETA Sunset, Voted Yea, Bill Passed                                   0%

HB2580 Extend Film Subsidy, Voted Yea,                   0%

HJR 1033 Capitol Bonds, Voted Yea,                          0%

HB 2509 Tax Credits, Voted Yea,                                0%

SB 2128 Housing Tax Credit, Voted Yea,                    0%

HB 2711 Tax Incentives, Voted Yea,                           0%

HB 2956 Corporate Welfare, Voted Yea,                   0%

HB 2480 New Government Agency, Voted Yea,         0%

SB 1639 Corporate Welfare, Voted Yea,                    0%


How has this guy escaped our scrutiny this long? This guy is the premier example of a RINO Republican. He’d even be a disgrace to the Democrats. There are plenty of better qualified candidates in the area of Broken Arrow and East Tulsa for them to come up with a better candidate than this. We know there are some good, quality conservative Republicans in the area


As for Representative Kirby, you’d be doing yourself, your constituents and the State of Oklahoma a favor by retiring either now or at the very latest the end of this legislative term. Stop lining your pockets at the expense of the Citizens of Oklahoma.






2013 Senate members and House Members
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