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April 10th 2016 newsletter
SB 1362 Belongs to Jeff Hickman and Mike Christian
SB 1362 was put on hold last week thanks to Rep. John Bennett but the author transferred the legislation to the full A&B committee where it passed 19 to 6.    Holding the line were Bennett, Billy, Johnson, Russ, Sears, and Wesselhoft      
    Stabbing Oklahoma privacy in the back and furthering identity theft were    Brown, Casey,Coody (A), Cox, Hoskin,  Inman , Martin,  McCall, McCullough, McDaniel (R), Morrissette,      Nelson, Ortega, Osborn, Ownbey,  Peterson,  Rousselot,  Sherrer , and  Wright   
Earl Sears initially agreed not to hear the bill but Speaker Hickman and Gov. Fallin applied pressure on him and he folded and placed the bill on the schedule.
Other groups ask that you call Speaker Hickman and ask him to place the bill on the schedule.  (405) 557-7339(405) 557-7339  or email him @ jwhickman@okhouse.gov
But even better is to call the author of the bill, Rep. Mike Christian, and ask him if he really wants to be the Sheriff of Oklahoma County or does he want to carry water for the State Chamber of Commerce and the Governor.  mike.christian@okhouse.gov   (405) 557-7371(405) 557-7371 .
Christian can kill the bill or allow it to be modified to keep data from Oklahoman taxpayers here in the state and not shared around the world and subject to identity theft.  The deadline is nowhere near for state compliance and even if we refuse to go biometric photos and share the data with the feds you can still board an airplane and enter a federal building despite the lies being told by supporters of the bill.
Where are the burquas when one is really needed?

At least that is what some of these legislators remind me of, hiding in the slime, just out of sight under the murky water, waiting for their prey to come down to get a drink.   Senator Stephanie “Jihad Jane” Bice is trying to tighten the noose around Oklahoma tax payers for purchase made OUTSIDE of Oklahoma.  
Senate Bill 1301 would place an huge regulatory burden on out of state companies, requiring them to send each Oklahoma customer a statement telling them the annual purchases and the amount of tax that is due to the state of Oklahoma.  Never mind that the U.S. Supreme Court has already knocked down the same such nonsense, calling it against free interstate trade.
But the Senate has already passed Jihad Jane’s bill and so has a House subcommittee.   Bice believes that Oklahomans ought to cough up an additional 150 million per year in taxes despite the items being purchased out of state and from non Oklahoma companies.  Jihad Jane is under the impression that the citizen’s money is her money. 
That might work in Iran where her family is from but Oklahomans are already ignoring the Use tax law that Jihad Jane thinks obligates them.
Another set of idiots in the House are pushing HB 2531, attempting to force out of state retailers to collect Oklahoma sales tax.  And yes it is an idiot Republican from Enid, Chad Caldwell, that is the author of the bill.  Caldwell thinks he can force Amazon to pay up but other legislators are a bit less arrogant and informed and agree that it would take a federal law to force out of state retailers to collect the tax.
A Letter from a Reader
A few weeks ago someone asked a really good question in a message to the Sooner Tea Party.
John Greening Not much to disagree with there, Al. You guys also took a stand against the National Popular Vote, if memory serves. And you personally, at great personal cost, won a battle for all of us with regard to the first Amendment.

So let me ask you this: Why does it seem like the Chamber is even more powerful now than, say, ten years ago? There was so much talk about being Constitutional Conservatives a few years back, so why are we back to this Chambercrat business as usual stuff? And how do we get back to that zeal we had back in 2009, when I led the Invocation at the July 4th STP rally at the Capitol?”
The answer John is that the State Chamber is greatly weakened since the battles of 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013.   The House has generally rejected much of the State Chamber demands since then, so much so we had a state rep write a weekly email on the subject where he soundly stated that Chamber backing almost ensured the death of House legislation.  Obama Care was beaten back to the point where the Chamber simply gave up trying.
Now the Senate remains firmly in the State Chamber’s control but it requires a lot more coin to be spent now that the House is backing away.   While we don’t like some of what Speaker Hickman is doing this year he did a decent job last year despite being a former State Chamber disciple.  This year he is termed out and is feeling confident that he won’t be deposed so yes, he is pushing the limits.
However, the House itself has steadily trended toward conservative values since we started beating their collective butts in 2010.   Leadership is set to become even more conservative in 2017 we believe and we do have a plan to move the House even more into conservative values.  Once we do this, and it will take another year or two, you are going to see a shift in campaign donations from the Senate into the House.  You see, our plan has been and will continue to be, to emasculate the Senate, to restore the rightful power of the House of Representatives, to regulate them once again to a deliberative body instead of watching them drive the bus with RINO Mary Fallin and the State Chamber giving directions.
As to the “zeal” of the Tea Party that you mentioned, was it ever there in any form other than a few thousand people willing to show up every few months and hold a silly sign?  Sadly the majority of the leadership in the grass roots community preferred to beg for scraps instead of fighting for their rights.  I recall one of the last big Tea Party events, April of 2011, and how despite having around 3,000 attendees we were only able to get about 300 of them to actually step up and enter the Capitol.  But those 300 brave souls terrified the House and Senate so much that the majority of the elected officials locked their doors at 1:30 pm during session rather than face the citizens.
The majority of what we have accomplished has been done with far fewer participants.  We had to learn to do things in such a way that people didn’t have to step up in person and face retaliation.  Like it or not, people are sheep and don’t like challenging their leaders face to face.  But when they do the politicians fear it like nothing else in our arsenal.
So our answer to you John is to be patient and get involved in the actual fighting.  Facebook posts don’t help much, wrapping newspapers, loading your car and carpet bombing House Districts with the truth does.
Seldom does this staff have the occasion to find it necessary to call into question the ethics of the Chairman of the State GOP. This is one of those times. With this we also find it necessary to call upon a Democrat to ensure the safety of public records to be maintained by removing them from the custody of this newly elected individual.
In last week’s newsletter we warned you of the background of this individual. We even went as far as to ask you to vote for the Democrat nominee because of the integrity issues. Apparently that wasn’t enough. You chose to elect the Republican anyway. Now you must reap what you have sown.
What brought us back to this race was this article The Okie » OK GOP Celebrates Election Successes. We fail to see how the Chairman of the State GOP can congratulate a victory by a man who claims to be a Republican, but has a reputation of consistently violating the law. We can’t even understand how any member of the state or county party could support this man in a bid for office. We are about to give you a few examples of what we’re talking about.
Last week you were given a brief example of the lack of respect for the law that this man has. That brief was just off the top of the list of examples. The first article of interest we found was this OSCN Case Details. Here he was caught by the Oklahoma Highway Patrol and cited for failure to wear a seat belt. Most would say this is a minor charge, but it is the law and has been for a substantial amount of time. This incident happened in November of 2015.
The next entry we found on the records was this OSCN Case Details. This case may not actually be associated with Richard Warren however there was too much in common to ignore. This is a small claims court case for failure to pay his bill of less than $1,500.00 dollars. It doesn’t say much for the character of whom it belongs too.
The next entry we found in the records was this OSCN Case Details. This is another case of him being sued for apparently failing to pay his debt. This time it was for less than $10,000.00 dollars. We are really beginning to shake our heads here. How can someone who is so inept at paying his own bills be responsible for maintaining the budget of an office of the size of the Oklahoma County Court Clerks office? At the very least he is incapable. That would mean the expansion of the office personnel so he can hire someone to ensure that sound fiscal and record keeping work is accomplished.
The next article of interest we found was this OSCN Case Details. Now this case is actually on his son. He was caught driving with an expired license plate. Now this is a minor offense and it happens more often than people care to think, but it also demonstrates the lack of financial responsibility that appears to becoming a trade mark for this man.
 The next case of interest we found was this OSCN Case Details. This is another case where he failed to pay a bill only this time it was to Orthopedic and Sports Medicine. Once again we find that the pattern of not paying his bills is habitual. His integrity is in serious jeopardy at this point. In fact he has lost all of his integrity.
This information calls into question the ability of the Oklahoma County GOP to select appropriate candidates for County Offices. It raises questions about the vetting process they use and if that process is thorough enough. It’s obvious that the candidate that was allowed to run lacks financial integrity and also lacks moral turpitude that is vital to the office he won election to.
We hereby call upon the Chair of the Oklahoma County GOP to resign from his office due to lack of vetting of potential candidates. We also add that a failure for him to resign should force an emergency meeting of the Oklahoma County GOP for a vote of no confidence and a forced removal from office of the current chair.
We ask that the Oklahoma County District Attorney’s office remove all files within the confines of the Oklahoma County Court Clerks Office and maintain them within his office until such time as Richard Warren is no longer in office. It’s evident that he can’t be trusted.
We further ask for the resignation of the Oklahoma State GOP Chair, Pam Pollard, for her overall lack of vetting candidates and lack of knowledge. Instead of declaring Mr. Warren unsuitable for the office, she congratulates him. You don’t reward crooks and slackers with political office that they don’t deserve.