Hash 1374
Falcon’s Nest, Gosforth
Hares BM and Grasshopper
Hashers, gathering early in the Falcon’s Nest, were met by 2 slightly damp and fatigued hares who soon perked up after a homemade flapjack, washed down with a double espresso and pot of tea respectively.
After giving copious instructions to the walkers, along with a map and a warning not to get lost, the runners set off across to the racecourse.  A detour through a bit of dark undergrowth and shiggy got the party started, with a rather smelly river crossing being met with equal delight. Front runners leading the pack had no hesitation in fording the stream, whilst those of a more squeamish nature crossed via a handy log, putting off the  evil moment of wet feet to a later point in the proceedings.
Cockatool, living up to his name , then doused a distinctly unimpressed BM  (who despite wearing a Tshirt entitled Never Mind the Shiggy  definitely did)  with river mud.  BM, manfully restraining his desire to get in a fight called the hash to order at the next check and headed them off into deeper darker woodland.
Soon only the twinkling lights of the hashers headlamps could be seen as the trail luminously appeared before them as they darted along avoiding tree roots and shiggy.  Further crossings and hidden FRB’s kept the pack mainly together before they erupted onto the road and out of the park.
Turning left, the hashers dodged traffic as they headed up the road before hitting a sneaky morley. The green cross code was then effectively ignored as each hasher looked out for themselves as they crossed the next deathtrap roundabout, before heading up to Weetslade Colliery and 'enjoying' an energetic scramble up the hill. After admiring the view the hash then headed down the other side with much mystification about the beer stop. The mystery was soon solved as the pack headed to The Travellers Rest much to the amusement of the locals  in the pub who were tickled by the sight of r*nners drinking beer and the local youths in the park who hailed the group with a traditional Wideopen welcome, which is pretty much unrepeatable and unintelligble in this edition.
The pack, conscious of time, then headed back to the pub for a brief circle, no fights, latecomers, newbies and crisps before adjourning to the pub for beer and chat  
Stats and Special Notices
Length of R*nDiabolically long
Beer Stop – 1
Morleys – 1
Brownies – Very delicious
Shiggy – lots
River crossings -1
Latecomers – 1
Newbies – 1
Record breaking length of time Pimp stayed in the circle – Definitely one for the Guinness book of Records
Wildlife – Too dark to see
Main FRB baggers - Incon's and Rectum
On On

  A photo from warmer, lighter climes

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