Class Schedule
Mailing address: 305 Glenwood Drive, Chapel Hill, NC. 27514

Zoom classes!

Thursdays 6:00 - 7:30 pm
Fee: $15 per class
Please pay for the class via paypal to, mail a check to the address above, or call with your cc. Once I receive your payment, I will send you the link to connect to the livestream class.

Dates and Topics:

May 13: "Shielding with Family Members"
Yoga for Strengthening the Aura
Divine Shield Meditation

May 20: "Return to Sender"
Yoga for Creating Magnetic Fields to Expand Your Inner Self
Meditation for Balancing the Projection with the Intention

May 27: "Release Fear"
Yoga Kriya to Relax and Release Fear
Meditation to Remove Fear of the Future