It’s hard to believe that this is our last issue of Animal Magic in 2017 – where has the year gone?
Hubble & Hattie HQ will be open for business for just a few more days, so take advantage of the great offers we have on our books if you’re looking for that certain something!

Soon, everyone will  be tucked up at home, celebrating the festivities with loved ones, warm and snug. Please spare a thought for those who are on the other side of the glass – the birds, especially – who will appreciate a little help in the form of seed, fat balls, and, of course, fresh water. Bird baths and ponds – useful sources of water for birds – can often freeze over, so check yours regularly to ensure this doesn’t happen.

From all of us here at H&H, have a peaceful Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Please contact us at with any comments or points you’d like to make: we’d love to hear from you!

Jude Brooks,
Quite very actual FABUMAZING festive offers!
Just in time for Christmas comes these fantastic offers, now available at Hubble & Hattie
Take advantage of our two very special offers … a fabumazing Worzel collection, and a marvellous Mike & Scrabble giveaway!
First, we bring you the Quite Very Actual Worzel Collection. Comprising all three of Worzel Wooface's Quite Very Actual books – The quite very actual Worzel Wooface, Worzel Wooface: the quite very actual Terribibble Twos, and Three quite very actual cheers for Worzel Wooface – you can get this 'fabumazing' collection of Worzel wisdom for just £19.99: a whopping saving of £9.98 over the usual price of £29.97!
Second, we have the perfect giveaway for Christmas … Buy ANY TWO Hubble & Hattie books, and we'll include a free Mike&Scrabble 2018 calendar in your order. There's no need to do anything … you don't have to ask us … you don't even have to tick a box! We'll include a calendar with all orders of two or more books. Now there's no excuse to forget that important date.
Of course, 'any two' books includes both of Mike & Scrabble's books, so if you buy Mike&Scrabble: a guide to training your new human and Mike&ScrabbleToo: further tips on training your new human, you'll get a free calendar, giving you the perfect Mike&Scrabble three pack! Sorted.
Now that is some truly fabulous festive offers. Find out more about these here: … or read on and get the lowdown with our Festive Gift Guide …
The H&H Festive Gift Guide
Christmas is almost here, but it is not too late for you to write your letters to Father Christmas! We've searched high and low to compile a great gift guide to help you, whilst giving a little to some of our favourite animal charities in the process!
1. 'All you need is love and a dog' plaque – £3.50
Never a truer word spoken, this little plaque will help remind you what's really important in life.

2. Jingling catnip reindeer teaser – £3.50
Let your feline have some fun with this festive themed catnip teaser, complete with Rudolf the red-nosed reindeer!

3. Cat nail file duo – £3.99
Treat yourself to a moggy manicure with these glass nail files. They come in a pack of two in various cute cat designs!

4. Candy Canes for dogs – £4.00
We can't keep all the snacks to ourselves, so let your pooch have a taste of Christmas with this festive favourite!

5. Build your own stable – £5.00
A cute little creative toy for your little ones, this set comes complete with colouring sheets and stickers. 
1. Luxury paw print bath fizzers – £5.50
Just what you'll need to help you unwind after the hectic Christmas period. Pop one of these in your bath, let it fizz away, and relax!

2. Donkey pattern collar and lead – £7.00-£7.25 and £9.00 respectively
Why should humans have all the printed accessories? Treat your four-legged friend to this set of matching donkey print collar and lead!

3. Chocolate Spaniels – £7.99
Not chocolates for your dog, but dog-shaped chocolates for you! Delectable hand-crafted chocolates that come in white, milk, and dark chocolate.

4. Black Cat mug – £9.00
This delightful mug will be purr-fect for your winter hot cocoa – or your liqueur coffee – after a long day of Yuletide excitement. 
1. Chief dog walker hat – £10.99
A great gift that will also delegate the job. Perfect to keep your haed cosy on your Boxing Day walk. 

2. Kitty bag – £12.00
A cute little clutch bag that would be a great addition to your New Year's outfit.

3. Cat PADi pillow – £15.99
A novel accompaniment to the inevitable tech gift, this beanbag will enable you to use your device hands-free, making it easier to help yourself to the selection box!

4. Donkey print apron – £16.50
Available in a varity of colours, this funky apron will keep you clean whilst you whip up the Christmas dinner.

5. Dog print pac-a-parka – £29.90
On the off chance that we have a wet – not a white – Christmas, this fab patterened parka will be sure to keep you dry.
Books always make wonderful gifts: the stories shared, the things we learn, the laughs we enjoy. Here, we have ten Hubble & Hattie examples that will delight your loved ones this Christmas.
1. The "Quite Very Actual" series 
Taken in by Hounds First Sighthounds Rescue, and then adopted into his forever home by Catherine Pickels and her famberly, Worzel sees it as his very himportant duty to be an ambassador for rescue pups. The Quite Very Actual Adventures of Worzel Wooface, Worzel Wooface – The Quite Very Actual Terribibble Twos, and Three Quite Very Actual Cheers for Worzel Wooface! detail the first three years of Worzel's life in his forever home, and are packed full of hilarious stories to keep you entertained, long after Christmas. And now, you can buy all three books for just £19.99 (+p&p)! What a fabumazing offer!

2. Worzel says hello! Will you be my friend?
This children's book featuring everyone's favourite literary Lurcher will teach your little one how to approach a dog, from Worzel's point of view. Including gorgeous illustrations from the hugely talented Chantel Bourgonje, Worzel says hello! Will you be my friend? is a true delight that will enchant any child this festive season!

3. The supposedly enlightened person's guide to raising a dog
Having only previously been a cat owner, Kac Young never imagined having a dog, until she met Talulah; sometimes, the dog chooses you! Having consulted Lisa Tenzin-Dolma on all-things dog-related from the start, it is only natural that Kac's anecdotes should be followed by Lisa's observations and guidence. Combined, Kac and Lisa wrote The supposedly enlightened person's guide to raising a dog, providing vital insight into the best way to establish a loving and trusting relationship between you and your dog. Great for novice and experienced dog owners alike!

4. For the love of Scout – promises to a small dog
Adopting a rescue dog can be a journey into the unknown, but when Scout entered the lives of Tracey and Paul, he turned them upside down with his own brand of charismatic charm that melted not only their hearts, but those of everyone he met. Discover how Scout's carers learned to build on the unconditional trust and devotion that came from this clumsy, flat-footed, loveable Lurcher. And maybe – just maybe – For the love of Scout will answer the real question: who rescued who?

5. Ollie and Nina and ... Daft Doggy Doings!
A delightful book about two very silly doggies. Ollie and Nina's daft Dad has taken the liberty of recording their silly goings-on in an hilarious and insightful cartoon strip. Packed full with lots of colourful illustrations, and laugh-out-loud stories, Ollie and Nina and ... Daft Doggy Doings! will make the perfect gift for those who love dogs, and love to giggle!

6. Hounds who heal – It's a kind of magic!
The desire for human connection is a fundamental need. For some, however, the closest they come to this connection begins with a dog. This is the story of six abandoned dogs, who ended up living together and inspiring the development of the unique K9 Project. It's also the story of the people they met, the ones they helped, and the one's they couldn't ... An inspirational book full of true tales, Hounds who heal is life-enhancing.

7. Gods, ghosts and black dogs
A rich collection of folklore, mythology and tall tales concerning dogs, providing a fascinating insight into the way we think about dogs, and our emotional bond with them. Spooky, funny, sad, and inspiring stories – some of which engage that part of our brain we use when reading detective stories – trying to figure out what's going to happen next ... Gods, ghosts and black dogs is the ideal bedtime book for any dog lover!

8. Unleashing the healing power of animals
Written by Dale Preece-Kelly, an animal-assisted therapy preactitioner, and founder of Critterish Allsorts, Unleashing the healing power of animals takes you on ten journeys with ten animals – nine non-humans and one human  where, in each case, an animal in need of rescue overcomes their issues, and goes on to help people overcome theirs. Heartwarming tales for this heartwarming time of year!

9. Buy BOTH Mike&Scrabble books or ANY TWO H&H BOOKS, and receive Mike&Scrabble 2018 Calendar absolutely FREE!
Mike&Scrabble is an often funny, sometimes melancholy, and occasionally accurate guide to understanding the relationship between a dog and a human. A picture book for adults that grew out of one human trying to remember why he ended up with a dog, and sharing his thoughts as pictures on social media. And, Mike&ScrabbleToo is Scrabble's further attempt at helping dogs the world over train their humans. As an added bonus, when you buy both of these book – or any two or more Hubble & Hattie titles – you'll recevie a copy of the fabulous Mike&Scrabble 2018 Calendar, absolutely FREE!

10. Mike&Scrabble 2018 Calendar with FREE UK postage!
If you're already an avid fan of Mike&Scrabble, and have the two books, you can opt for just the calendar, and get FREE postage (UK only)! Packed with seasonal illustrations, the Mike&Scrabble 2018 Calendar will be sure to keep you smiling long after the January blues have come and gone!
Lily: one in … 36 mince pies!
Lily author Laura Hamilton has done it again … much to the delight of H&H staffers!
If you saw last month's edition of Animal Magic, you'll have seen the fantastic – not to mention tasty – biscuits we received from author Laura Hamilton.
With Christmas just around the corner, Laura decided that us H&H bods needed some timely festive cheer … and further feeding-up. Landing on our doorstep, just in time for the cold snap, came a bumper package of 36 Lily-themed mince pies. Each and every one was hand crafted by Laura, brilliantly decorated with a likeness of Lily herself, and a sprig of fondant holly … perfect!
Unsurprisingly, and even though there were 36 of them, they didn't hang around for long, and were soon snaffled … as fellow H&H wrangler Sian said: "They look almost too good to eat (almost, 'cause I can't resist a mince pie!)." Quite right too! It seems that nobody at H&H could resist a Lily mince pie. 
We'd once again like to send our heartfelf thanks to Laura, for keeping us fed and motivated with foody treats, and for giving us the opportunity to share Lily's amazing story with you. And we're always happy to sample any Lily – or other – themed comestibles!
Keep your eyes peeled for the publication of Lily, early next year, or visit the H&H website, and request notification when the book comes into stock.

Lily: one in a million ... a miracle of survival

The moving and powerful story of Lily: a dog who was born unable to survive unaided. But her owner’s intensive, creative management of her rare disability has given her a life worth living, and may inspire others not to give up on animals with other life-threatening conditions. As a therapy dog, Lily greatly enriches the lives of others.
• From the moment Lily was born, clearly, something was seriously wrong
• Hanging onto life by her little nails, Lily was losing her grip
• A typical Golden Retriever, Lily loves food. But eating it is the problem
• Lily’s story brings hope to owners of animals with difficult conditions
• Whoever heard of a dog who can't eat; can't even lap water?
•  Every feed, we take on ‘The Triple S Challenge’: Single, Silent Swallows
• "Lily certainly ticks the 'Unusual' box," is the opinion of her veterinary specialist
• Solids are a problem for Lily. Unbelievably, liquids are an even bigger problem!
• The Pets As Therapy assessment was very demanding - but Lily passed with flying colours! 
• Lily enriches the lives of others
SKU HH5147 Format Paperback • 22.5x15.2cm • 80 pages • 38 pictures Price £7.99 ISBN 978-1-787111-47-9 UPC 6-36847-01147-5
The latest from our blog …

Hero hound has his day!
November is the month for remembrance, and giving thanks to all those who have served our country – including our four-legged friends! So, it's fitting that today we bring you this story: Mali, receiver of the Dickin medal!
Have yourself a Merry Little Hubble & Hattie Christmas!
Can you believe that 2017 is nearly at an end? Neither can we! Before we know it, good old Saint Nick will be doing his rounds, delivering joy in the form of presents under the tree. However, it's not too late to write your letter to the big guy, and we have ten books and deals that you may like to add ... 'Yule' not regret it!
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Ollie and Nina and …
The latest daft doggy doings … 

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