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March 2014

Welcome to the March issue of <monitor input> 
The Gefell CMV 563 / M 7 S wins the p.i.p.a award for "best studio microphone' at ProLight+Sound in Frankfurt - The Maier Sound "Turtle" boundary microphone adaptor comes to Sound-Link - ME-Geithain monitors are praised as "... the best speaker I have ever heard" - and some
very special offers in our Stock Clearence.
In this edition:
Microtech Gefell
CMV 563 / M 7 S
wins the p.i.p.a award at Frankfurt for
"best studio microphone"
Two years after winning the m.i.p.a. award for the "best studio microphone" for the M 930 Ts, Microtech Gefell have now won the very first p.i.p.a. (ProLight+Sound International Press Award) for the "best studio microphone" for the CMV 563 / M 7 S.
The microphone was originally developed in the 1950's and has recently been re-issued by popular demand.

Further information can be found HERE
The Microtech Gefell GmbH team were absolutely delighted about the award. Sales Engineer Michael Militzer took part at the official presentation on the 13th March 2014 and said: "As we started to produce this microphone again, we never expected how difficult it was to reproduce a vintage microphone in exactly the same way as it was originally done. This award is a sign that shows us that we did a good job. We thank the international press."
The TURTLE comes to Sound-Link
The Maier Sound TURTLE boundary microphone adaptor is now being distributed via Sound-Link.  Although John Willett has been waving the flag for this excellent product for a few years, it has now been brought into the Sound-Link stable to give it the higher profile it deserves.
Boundary microphones are something that every sound person should have in their kit – their unique properties make them useful in so many situations.
However, there are very few high quality boundary microphones on the market and they are all very expensive.  If one does not need a boundary microphone all the time, it’s a big investment.  Also, they can pick up vibration noise from the floor and are prone to getting trodden on – not something that you want happening to a microphone that may have cost £2,000 or so.
These problems have been overcome in one fell swoop with the “Turtle”. 
Developed in Germany by Andreas Maier of Maier Sound Design, the Turtle is a patented boundary adaptor that will convert any 19/21mm diameter microphone into a boundary microphone. Its tough reinforced shell can take all that is thrown at it – under the shell are patented Rycote “Lyre” suspensions that protect the microphone from conducted noise and vibration, holding the microphone in the boundary zone and protecting it from damage and handling noise.

The bonus – when a boundary microphone is not required, the microphone can simply be unclipped and used as normal.

The latest version of the TURTLE has six mounting holes so the TURTLE can easily be hung on a wall, or screwed to a stage floor so it won't get moved if kicked.
Sound-Link recently sold 8 Turtles to one customer.  We do have a demonstration pair here as well as a number in stock.
Details are on the website HERE
Each TURTLE is supplied in a custom wooden box

Any microphone with a diameter of between 19mm and 21mm can be mounted in a TURTLE.  The patented Rycote "lyre" suspensions protect the microphone from conducted noise

The TURTLE is suitable for measurement microphones and is also available in a choice of colours if required

Close-up of one of the 6 mounting holes (3 on each side) of the latest version of the TURTLE
ME-Geithain RL 801K is:
"...the best speaker I heve ever heard in my entire life."
The High End Nearfield Test on Gearslutz is giving even more praise for ME-Geithain monitors.

The tester ended up liking the ME-Geithaim monitors so much that he has sold his main monitors and has ordered a pair of ME-Geithain RL801K to replace them and also ordered a pair of the RL944-K1 as well.

On the RL 801K after his new monitors arrived:

"Right out of the box without calibration or position tryouts, this is the best speaker I have ever heard in my entire life."
"When I describe listening to other main speakers like looking through
a window, some windows are more blurred than others, this speaker
is like cutting down the wall and standing in the open.
Quotes from David Johansen of Lydspesialisten in Norway,
during a High End Monitor Test on the Gearslutz Forum

After reading this thread and listening in his own space, a customer in the UK has ordered a pair of the RL 901K in a custom finish.
Shows in 2014
Sound-Link exhibited at the annual Broadcast Video Expo at Excel in February and had an excellent show, with many vistitors to the stand.
We hope to exhibit again next year.
We also plan to exhibit at SoundPRO2014 later in the year.
We understand that this will be a better and more flexible event this year and will let you know as soon as we have the details.
There are a couple of other shows we hope to exhibit at later in the year -
we'll keep you informed.
Two AETA 4MinX recorders sold in February
Following the sale of six 4MinX recorders to La Fémis is Paris, Sound-Link have sold two recorders in the UK during February.
Håkan P110 Pop Killer
in stock and selling fast
After the Håkan P110 Pop Killer received such an excellent review from Hugh Robjohns in the February issue of Sound On Sound they have been selling faster than we can get them, with some batches being sold out before they had even arrived.
We have increased our stock holding on the very popular Gooseneck version and do have these in stock, as well as most others in the range.
The PDF of the review is on the website HERE
The full range of P110 varients (including the new gooseneck version) can be seen HERE.
The PDF version of the information leaflet can be downloaded here.
Stock Clearance
We have a few items of Grace Design for sale at very special prices - these are all new, but are ex-review or ex-demonstration units.
m201 two-channel microphone pre-amplifier complete with 24/192 ADC
£ 1,850.00 +VAT  (was £ 2,788.00)
Just one available - info. here
m103 channel strip - mic pre-amplifier / 3-band EQ / optical compresssor
£ 825.00 +VAT (was £ 1,194.00)
Two available - info. here
m904b stereo monitor controller complete with remote control
£ 1,295.00 +VAT (was £ 2,779.00)
Just one available - info. here
Prices exclude VAT and delivery.
When they are gone, they are gone!
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