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Big cats back on display at zoo...
Cats can help prevent heart attack death...
Rising vet care costs...
Dr. Jones...
Cats that swim...
Spay and neuter... cute video
Funny story...


The San Francisco Zoo has remodelled and they have
reopened the big cats exhibit, after three young
men harassed the tigers on Christmas Day and were
all injured, one fatally.

To see what renovations were made, take a look at
this article, in the San Jose Mercury News:


HEALTH ISSUES - February is Cat Health Month!

Another reason to adopt a cat: A new study has
shown that cats can help prevent death due to certain
kinds of heart attack, and possibly strokes, according to
the American Stroke Association, citing a study done
at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine.


Thanks, Jean, for this story.

Just as health care costs are skyrocketing for us
humans, so too are the costs of veterinary care.
Taking care of our pets is becoming more and more
difficult, especially in this shaky economy.

Here is a very good article on the subject:


Thanks to Judy for sending this in!


And yet another study has shown that cats are not
given the same amount of attention as dogs. In fact,
dogs are taken to the vet more than twice as often
as cats. The reason seems to be that quite a lot of
people think cats don't even get sick! And even more
people think that cats can take care of themselves.
The study says that dog-oriented people tend to think
that cats are independent and just don't need vet care.

It's up to us cat lovers, then, to help change this
erroneous belief by educating others.



Our favorite wholistic vet is having a special on his
health care package this weekend. I hope I'm not too
late in passing along this link from Dr. Jones:


WEB SITES (you gotta see these)

Cats That Swim


AHA video about spay/neuter (very cleverly done)


Mother cat takes 7 chicks under her paw:
(Sorry this one is so old... I just saw it for the first
time today and had to share it.)


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