resistersWhy PFC Crespo did not return to Iraq
Early Friday morning at Fort Carson CO, Army PFC Jose Crespo did not return to Iraq. Jose told his sergeant that he was not refusing to deploy, but that he could not.

Lt. Ehren Watada's legal limbo
The U.S. Army’s case against Iraq War refuser Lt. Watada remains unresolved two years after he boldly and publicly rejected deployment with his Ft. Lewis unit in June 2006.

Matthis Chiroux on IRR recall resistance
Iraq vet did five years and was honorably discharged. In this interview with Courage to Resist, he explains why he is publicly refusing being recalled for redeployment. Listen here.

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Why PFC Crespo did not return to Iraq Friday

By Courage to Resist, 8:30 min. Update June 13, 2008

crespoAt 5:00 am this morning, Army PCF Jose Crespo at Fort Carson, Colorado did not return to Iraq as scheduled. Jose told his sergeant that he was not "refusing" to deploy, but that he "could not" do so due to the circumstances in his family. "Well if you won't get on [the bus], then you're refusing." Jose replied, "Whatever you say." He is currently on restriction and now faces a possible court martial.

While on leave from Iraq, Jose discovered his family in the midst of a serious health crisis. Determined to help, Jose requested a hardship discharge, or a posting near his home so he could take care of his family. The Army's response was to order him back to Iraq. Courage to Resist first spoke with Jose two days before his scheduled deployment for this audio interview. More information by how to help Jose coming soon.

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Lt. Ehren Watada's ongoing 'legal limbo'

By Courage to Resist. June 15, 2008

watadaThe U.S. Army’s case against 1st Lieutenant Ehren Watada remains unresolved, 2 years after Lt. Watada boldly and publicly refused deployment to Iraq with his unit in June 2006. Seven months ago U.S. District Judge Benjamin H. Settle set in place a temporary injunction against a second court martial after the prosecution and military judge orchestrated a mistrial during the first trial in February 2007.

Lt. Watada remains stationed at Fort Lewis, Washington where he works a desk job and is under no special restrictions. Though his term of service ended in December 2006, these ongoing legal proceedings prevent his release from duty.

Lt. Watada recently spoke with Tara McKelvey of The Prospect Magazine (his first public interview in over a year), and was unwavering when asked about his original stand against the Iraq War; "I realized we had been lied to…and I had a deep sense of betrayal. I had joined an army, and I thought it was noble. And to think we had engaged in something that had caused so much carnage and destruction and then to find out it was unnecessary. There I was in uniform, and I felt ashamed of what I was being asked to do. I think there's no bigger crime than taking your country into a war based on lies." As reported on by McKelvey, despite the frustration of being held in the military pending dragged out legal proceedings, Watada appears resolute; "I believed I would always try to do what I believe is moral…I didn't do this to be a public figure--to be hated or loved. I just did it because it needed to be done."



Matthis Chiroux on IRR recall resistance

matthisSgt. Matthis Chiroux served in the Army until being honorably discharged from active duty last summer after over four years in Afghanistan, Japan, Europe and the Philippines. On May 15, 2008 he publicly announced that he is refusing orders to be recalled from the Army's Inactive Ready Reserve (IRR) to deploy to Iraq (photo right).

Last week, Matthis spoke to Courage to Resist from Washington DC for this audio interview.

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