Brenda Wong Aoki & Mark Izu
    Happy Valentine's Day!

Dear Friend,
In honor of Valentine’s Day, First Voice is grateful for your generous heart! With the support of individuals like you, together we already raised $15,000!  half our programming budget for the year, allowing us to continue to create the relevant, important stories and music that bring people  together to build peace on earth.
Here is how your financial contribution will be put to use this year:
•  Bringing back Uncle Gunjiro’s Girlfriend to San Francisco! As the Opening performance of the SF International Arts Festival, First Voice will produce Uncle Gunjiro’s Girlfriend, Brenda Wong Aoki’s seminal and widely acclaimed play about the marriage of Helen Emery, daughter of the Archdeacon of Grace Cathedral to her own Grand-uncle Gunjiro Aoki, scion of a samurai noble house. With live music by composer Mark Izu, koto artist Shoko Hikage, and told by Brenda Wong Aoki. Funds are necessary for offsetting the cost of production, tech, marketing, and staff. Come see the show:
Southside Theater, Fort Mason, San Francisco
 Opening Night  Thursday, May 19  8:30pm
Saturday, May 21  9:00pm 
Sunday, May 22  3:30pm
Tickets: general admission $20 advance, $25 door
•  Hosting Community Gatherings! “Sanctuary Sundays” are seasonal gatherings in the First Voice Healing Arts Studio, dedicated to uplifting our community’s spirit through dance, music and story. Please Join Us!
Sunday, March 16
41B Parsons Street, San Francisco
(Seating is limited)
Finally, we are delighted to share that we have been selected as one of the featured artists in the California Arts Council Anniversary Book: Forty Stories, Forty Years. This coincides with our own 40th anniversary as performing artists – we have been doing this work since 1975. We are proud to remain integral to arts & culture in San Francisco and beyond – many thanks to you and all your support over all these years.
With Love,

Mark and Brenda, First Voice
Check out our feature in the
CAC's Anniversary Book:

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Since 1975 Brenda Wong Aoki and Mark Izu have played a central role in the evolution of Asian American Art. They founded First Voice in 1997, with a mission to create, present and contribute the stories and music of people living between worlds. Critical to this mission is "personal experience" or "voice" - essential to the authentic representation of the people of the United States.

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Your contribution to First Voice allows us to create art that passes on the wisdom of our ancestors and continues to tell our story. You tax deductible donation is deeply appreciated! Donations $250 and above will receive two CDs:  Legend of Morning Glory, a Kabuki Love story by Brenda Wong Aoki and Last Dance, Mark Izu's jazz Incarceration oratorio with late great George Yoshida and the Asian American Orchestra.

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