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Milestone XProtect® Rapid REVIEW powered by BriefCam 
Integrating Rapid REVIEW from BriefCam into XProtect makes a unique combination of a VMS and analytic software offering users a seamless customer experience. The patented VIDEO SYNOPSIS technology in particular allows users to review hours of video recordings in minutes. 
Product Updates
new FLEXIDOME IP indoor 8000i
  • Motorized Pan, Tilt, Roll, and Zoom (PTRZ) -
  • 1/1.8" 4K UHD sensor and starlight technology
  • High Dynamic Range
  • Built-in Intelligent Video Analytics with object detection
  • Camera Trainer to train the camera to recognize user-specified target
  • Fully integrated with Milestone’s Forensic Search.
In virtue of the pandemic, health and safety measures have been integrated into today's security technologies, such temperature check, mask detection, various access control authentication etc. Riding on the advancement in artificial intelligence, videos nowadays which captured by cameras can also be transformed into meaningful and value adding metadata for businesses through video analytics, not to mention the fundamental surveillance products including IP cameras, transmission and storage devices, plus video management platform. At our Solution Day, you will find them all.
Date:  21 October 2021  
Time:  12:00 – 17:00 (HK Time)
Format:  Face-to-face event
Language:  Cantonese supplemented by English
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Other Updates
Senturian Sound Analytics
SEN1000i collects various sounds and analyzes them through deep learning, discerning abnormal sound such as screaming, “ Help me “ , vehicle crashed, etc. At the same time, analyzes the direction of the sound source and immediately triggers alarm events in VMS. It can also point CCTV cameras (PTZ control) automatically toward the source, for recording crime occurrence in blind spots and alerts the security personals simultaneously.
Uniview - Interactive Whiteboard demonstration
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