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January 2016
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  • Tribute to Guido
  • Join us for Thanksgiving Dinner
    by Frank O'Leary  
  • Our Friends Guido & Annamaria
    by Lisa Davis
  • Guido,,the quintessentail Italian 
    by Jeff Martin
  • 2012 Journey to the NAVHDA Invitational
    by Guido Dei  
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Tribute to Guido
by Frank O’Leary

On December 20, 2015 the hunting world and more specifically the Hunting Dog World lost a very special person and friend to all.  While hunting in Mexico, Guido Dei drowned in an irrigation ditch while trying to rescue his dogs.
Guido was a very active member of the Western Region of the NADKC.  He was a member of the WR Board of Directors, hosted tests, trained his own very accomplished dogs, hosted training days in Southern California, and was there to help anytime there was an event that he could lend his energy and humor too. 
This newsletter is a tribute to Guido!  We have asked some of his DK friends to contribute stories about their interaction with Guido and his beloved wife Annamaria.  We have also reprinted a story that Guido contributed to the WR Newsletter in February 2014.
We hope you enjoy the stories and they bring back your own fond memories of this special man.
Join us for Thanksgiving Dinner
by Frank O'Leary
Our first interaction with Guido and Annamaria was at Fishtrap near Spokane, WA, in the spring of 2005.  Guido had just received his pup from Germany and was at the test to watch a Derby.  Marianne and I would leave for Germany in late June to bring our two DK’s home, so we were very interested in not only the test but also to see Guido’s pup.
Some four years later, the Monday before Thanksgiving, I received a call from my friend Guido and his DK Renee was in season and he wanted to bred her to Bellevue.  He said she was ready now and he would leave his home in southern California and head to Walla Walla.  I thought to myself if she is ready to breed today by the time he gets here it could be too late.  But Guido had made his decision and trying to change his mind wasn’t in the cards.  Marianne and I usually hunting every day during the Thanksgiving break so to have Guido and Annamaria here would be fun.
Two days later Guido arrived and immediately he wanted to try Renee.  She was not very interested but Guido wanted to give it a try.  We had a nice visit that afternoon and planned to try again in the morning. 
The next morning after we finished our duties we left for the Buckley Ranch to go hunting.  Guido did not know we would be hunting and was without his gear.  We fixed him up and away we went.  We hunted the rest of the day in the hills, the flat, and Dry Creek.  I hope Guido had as much fun as I did.
Our Friends Guido and Annamaria
by Lisa Davis

Wayne and I met Guido when he traveled up to Fishtrap Lake for a Derby test… I can’t remember if this was the year before he got Rene or if he had her as a very young pup then. Annamaria was with him, as always! J We visited some, he was very proud of Rene I remember vividly. Guido also had a male named Gee Dee that was also his pride and joy, and loyal hunting companion. 
Guido made many trips up to the Washington/Idaho area over the next several years for his new beloved DK Rene to be tested. One time even making the trip solely for a Zuchtschau rating! Often times these trips were in the fall and linked to his hunting in both Oregon and Montana. You see, Guido was more than a dog lover, trainer, and handler… he was an avid hunter! Every year he would make the trips to Mexico to hunt ducks and upland gamebirds.   Continue Reading . . .

Guido ….. the quintessential  Italian
by Jeff Martin

I first met Guido at a NADKC test near Spokane, Washington over ten years ago. He had just bought his first DK from Germany and driven 1,500 miles from California, just to see how this testing was done!!
What struck me immediately was his strong Italian accent and just how typical Italian he was. The Italian culture is just so strong, they seem to transplant it to wherever they emigrate in the
world . Wine, food and family are always at the core, but the love of hunting and pointing dogs never seems far behind.
I shouldn’t have been surprised, my hometown in Australia is two thirds Italian decent, my father was an Italian wannabe and many of my childhood friends were and are Italian decent.
Growing up in such a place, every Italian seemed to own ‘the champione“ of hunting dogs and his friends were always there and only too ready to confirm this. Rarely, if ever, did these dogs live up to their reputations.
Over the years , I came to be friends with such people as Bruno Pollini, Vince Pino and Elio Colasimone (all top pointing dog owners and trainers of their time) and  I came to realise these guys could not just talk the talk like the guys in my town, but could walk the walk!!  I would put Guido in this category, he walked the walk!!
Continue Reading . . .
2012 Journey to the NAVHDA Invitational
by Guido Dei
2012 will stick in my memory as one of the worst year of my life.  It started with my old friend of 14 years Geedee with two cancer surgeries.   The malignant cancer melanoma came back into his lungs a couple of month following his last surgery. This was the end of my Geedee.
When we put Geedee to sleep it was a week before I had to run Aristide in his second Utility test. The first one he had a prize two because a much undeserved score of 3 in the duck search.  Just after Aristide passed his Utility test with Prize I, 204 points, I start having some health problem that stuck with me for three months; after all kind of tests the diagnosis was: micro colitis. It took about a month of 4 pills a day to get rid of it.
My other young dog was also qualified for the NAVHDA Invitational, Alba, developed a lump on her right side. The Vet said it was a bacterial infection, after testing and bacteria culture Alba was put on antibiotics that cured temporarily the problem.  The vet did the first surgery using a scope to see if there was anything inside the lump. Nothing was found. The lump was still there, after another month of antibiotics the Vet decided to open the lump and found an ugly foxtail imbedded in the muscle of Alba right side.
During Alba disease we decided to take a fishing trip to Lake Margaret. It was a nice trip with a lot of trout caught, on the way back home the 24ft RV trailer that I was pulling with my truck start swaying and whipping behind me, it ended on its side destroying itself.  Continue Reading . . .
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