We know we said (again and again) we wouldn't send spam, but this is only once a year, so don't read on if you can remember all those gongs (and unless you want to see first day Avatar Blu-ray sales figures from the US right down the bottom) ...
It was the night of a thousand, glittering stars; champagne corks were a popping; there was dancing in the streets and singing in the aisles... It was the annual beano that is the BVA awards.
Congratulations to all the winners, commiserations to those shortlisted that didn't quite make it and a nod and a wink to all the entrants. Pictures will apparently be at the BVA website later today (er, Friday) at or possibly on The Raygun ( depending on what turns up.
Sorry to those we didn't see and a special thanks to those who said nice things about The Raygun... And thanks to those that hosted The Raygun on their table (Lipsync, your day will come)...
It’s way too early to make a serious comment on last night's events – you've all got massive hangovers when you read this anyway (assuming you were there, a big hello to those that didn't make it), but here are those award winners in full (and can we also assume that every winner has the suffix "of the year", just to save our fingers):
Creative Initiative
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment/Hicksville
Terminator Salvation (outdoor advertising, T-600, 3D rendered animation)
Marketing Initiative (non-theatrical)
Revolver Entertainment – City Rats
Marketing Initiative (music) 
Universal Pictures (UK) Ltd
The Nolans Live: I'm In The Mood Again Tour
Marketing Initiative (children’s)
HiT Entertainment
Thomas And Friends – Hero Of The Rails
Rental Distributor
Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment
Rental Title
Twilight – E1 Entertainment
Bricks And Mortar Retailer
Marketing Initiative (television)
ITV Studios Home Entertainment
Late Night With The Loose Women
Marketing Initiative (specialist)
Universal Pictures (UK) Ltd
Michael McIntyre Hello Wembley! 
Marketing Initiative (catalogue) 
Optimum Home Entertainment - This is Spinal Tap (Up To 11 Edition)
Best British Authored DVD
Eagle Rock Entertainment Ltd/Eyeframe
Monty Python: Almost The Truth - The Lawyer's Cut
Best British Authored Blu-ray 
Universal Music Group/ Metropolis Group
Take That Present The Circus Live   
Retail Distributor
Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment
Retail Title
Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince
Warner Home Video
Retailer Marketing Initiative
Get Closer and My Inspiration Campaign 
Blu-ray Retailer
Online Retailer
Marketing Initiative (film up to £3 million box office)
Momentum Pictures – The September Issue
Marketing Initiative (film £3 to £10 million box office)
Paramount Home Entertainment UK  – Watchmen
Marketing Initiative (film over £10 million box office)
E1 Entertainment - Twilight
Best Blu-ray Title (consumer voted)
Paramount Home Entertainment UK  – Star Trek XI
Industry Initiative
Blu-ray Partners generic marketing campaign
Industry Individual
Lavinia Carey
Director general, British Video Association
And before we go, can we just say it was a touching moment to see Lavinia so genuinely moved by her award. And further, can we just end on BVA chairman Anthony Peet's comment that: "From VHS to DVD to Blu-ray and into the digital world, Lavinia Carey has championed us and our industry needs, representing the home entertainment business both in the media and at governmental level, nationally and internationally. It is more than fitting, that tonight, on this 30th anniversary of the British Video Association, we acknowledge the work she has achieved."
See you down the front next year.

And by the way, early reports suggest that Avatar's first day Blu-ray sales in the US look like something like 1.5 million units (out of a 4 million combined total), smashing the previous Dark Knight day one record of 600,000


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