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September is kicked of with a private workshop and there where two more this month, including one where sex with bondage has the focus; that was a fun one ;). With the weather still being really nice I contacted Ork photography, untied my Spring and went into the woods with an awesome custom made outfit by Bizarre Design. The first annual "The Dreamers Magazine" has seen the light day and we are a proud part of it. Also, I found the time to relax before the madness of Shibari Festival in Prague and the RopeMarks weekend intensive in Moscow breaks loose. We relaxed close by, in Antwerp, and visited the new Shibari Lounge of BeShibari. My month ends with Prague Shibari Festival and my next month starts with the RopeMarks workshop weekend intensive, both of which we will tell you more about in the next newsletter.


RopeMarks workshop weekend, Moscow, Russia

As a sneak peak, my month starts with the RopeMarks workshop weekend in Moscow, Russia. I will leave you with this cliffhanger, all details will be in the next newsletter.



Shibari Festival, Prague, Czech Republic

For me September ends with the Shibari Festival in Prague (Czech Republic), since I'm away when you are happily reading this newsletter, while enjoying your first cup of coffee of the day, all juicy details will be in the next newsletter.

Shibari Festival | RopeMarks


Shibari Lounge, Antwerp, Belgium

For me September ends with the Shibari Festival in Prague (Czech Republic) and October starts with the RopeMarks weekend intensive in Moscow (Russia). Before this breaks loose some needed R&R was in order and I did that in Antwerp. Close by, easy to travel, but still away from the daily buzz. Being in Antwerp also gave me the opportunity to drop by BeShibari's new Shibari Lounge.

In Marc's words: BeShibari welcomes you to an afternoon of creative exploration of the art of Shibari! We offer 5 hours of bondage time in a private venue with authentic steel beams, 10 suspension points and 150m2 of pleasantly heated floor, situated at only a 15 minute walk from Antwerp Central Station. All levels are welcome !

In my words: What a wonderful location! This place is worth your trip, we had a lot of fun, did a lot of tying and some incredible art work of my live tying was created by Inge Struys. To add to the fun a number of familiar Dutch faces where there as well. All in all I can recommend this place wholeheartedly.

BeShibari | Inge Struys | RopeMarks | RopeMarks artwork |


The Dreamers Magazine, Netherlands

The first annual 'The Dreamers Magazine' has seen the light of day and we are a proud part of it! If you like to see more get the magazine https://thedreamersmagazine.bigcartel.com/

RopeMarks in magazine's | Get the magazine


Bizarre Design, Spring and Ork photography

For Rubber Restrained, The RopeMarks branch that deals with the prettiests and sexiest girls in rubber bondage, we cooperated with Bizarre Design on a custom made outfit for Spring and the awesome art of Ork's photography to create stunning material.

Spring | Ork photography | Bizarre Design | RopeMarks

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We've had a handful of private workshop, a group of friends, the kinky kind and a very, uhm, creative, bondage for sex workshop ;-)

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