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April 24th 2016 newsletter
REAL ID Legislation Stalls
The fight over SB 1362 is looking good.   Although Rep. “Lying Leslie” Osborn got the bill heard and passed in the A & B Committee the enacting clause was stricken and thus sent to Conference Committee.   As Thursday was the last day to hear legislation on the House floor it would seem that without a House Floor vote it can’t pass.  Yet in Conference Committee almost anything can happen so we will keep an eye on the legislation.
Rep. Christian did drop out as the author of the bill, handing it over to Lying Leslie Osborn.
Rep. Christian/DPS Fight Heats Up

They say that politics makes strange bed fellows and how true that is.  We are seeing conservatives pairing up with the corrupt Oklahoma County D.A. to go after Democrat John Whetsel and we also saw conservative legislators reaching out in order to stop illegal lobbying and waste of tax money by the state troopers association.
Part of the problem is that A.G. Scott Pruitt is refusing to do his job while brown nosing the Fallin administration.  And even though Rep. Christian is a retired state trooper he and the trooper association have not seen eye to eye on many issues.
Below is the letter that Rep. Mike Christian sent to Oklahoma County D.A. David Prater:
District Attorney Prater:
As Chairman of the Public Safety Committee of the Oklahoma House of Representatives it is among my responsibilities to provide oversight for the operation of the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety (DPS). In that capacity, for the last two years I have tried unsuccessfully to encourage DPS leadership to refrain from violating Oklahoma law. Despite repeated requests, orders, and admonitions by my colleagues and me, the leadership of DPS continues to hold themselves above the law. Accordingly, I am hereby forwarding my evidence of criminal wrong doing to your agency for investigation and prosecution, as no other lesser alternative has proven to have any effect.
The allegations surround violations of O.S. §, 1451 A.5, embezzlement of appropriated money. The primary violators of the above statute were Commissioner Mike Thompson, Chief Ricky Adams of the Oklahoma Highway Patrol, and State Trooper Keith Barenberg, also of the Oklahoma Highway Patrol and president of the Oklahoma State Trooper’s Association, [OSTA], Gary James attorney for the OSTA, former Secretary of State Glen Coffee, Denise Northrup, Governor Mary Fallin’s Chief of Staff, and Steve Mullins, former General Counsel for Governor Mary Fallin.
The alleged violation occurred on and since the summer of 2013, when the above individuals wrongfully conspired to use taxpayers appropriated dollars to pay Trooper Barenberg to lobby for a private organization, the Oklahoma State Trooper’s Association. Further, the above individuals are alleged to have wrongfully conspired to use a significant amount of taxpayer’s appropriated funds to support the activities of the OSTA. None of the funds in question were appropriated for those purposes and each of the allegations, if true, represent not only a severe deviation from how every other employee’s association and agency in Oklahoma operate, but also an embezzlement of money appropriated by law for a purpose other than the object of the appropriation.
According to former Chief of the Highway Patrol Kerry Pettingil, during the fall of 2013 Trooper Barenberg and/or the OSTA threatened a federal lawsuit against the state due to his assignment which prevented Barenburg from performing his OSTA jobs while he was on duty. The OSTA also saw this as an opportunity to get Barenburg assigned as a liaison to the Capitol.
Chief Pettingil disclosed that there was a meeting held at the Governor’s office to resolve the lawsuit. Barenberg was represented by OSTA attorney Gary James, OSTA lobbyist Bruce Robertson, and former Secretary of State Glen Coffee. Commissioner Thompson, DPS General Counsel Steve Krise, former general counsel to the Governor Steve Mullins, and the Governor’s Chief of staff Denise Northrup also attended the meeting.
According to Chief Pettingil, DPS General Counsel Steve Krise returned from the meeting in dismay.
Krise disclosed to Pettingil that, at the above meeting, Coffee convinced Northrup to assign Barenberg to the turnpike and also to be a liaison for the OSTA/DPS while on DPS payroll in exchange for having Barenberg not file a lawsuit.
At the request of several troopers, Senator Ralph Shortey and I were in touch with Chief Pettingil during this period of time. Pettingil disclosed to Shortey and I that Commissioner Thompson ordered him to transfer Trooper Barenburg as per the above meeting. Chief Pettingil said he refused to cooperate with the arrangement because he wouldn’t be involved in criminal or unethical conduct.
Chief Pettingil stated that due to his resistance to allow Barenburg to lobby for OSTA, the OSTA had convinced Mullins, Northrup, and Thompson to remove Pettingil as Chief of the OHP. To his credit, Chief Pettingil stated, “I will not sacrifice my personal integrity,” and retired.
Subsequently, Commissioner Thompson replaced Chief Pettingil with Ricky Adams as Chief of the Highway Patrol, who then ordered the assignment of Barenburg to the liaison position. Since that time, Commissioner Thompson, Chief Adams, and the Governor’s staff have allowed Barenburg to lobby on behalf of the OSTA during legislative session while being paid with state appropriated dollars as an employee of DPS.
We have several independent sources of information that corroborate Chief Pettingil’s allegations of the meeting and the arrangement. First, as almost anyone that has spent any time at the capitol can attest, Trooper Barenberg has been regularly lobbying members of the House and the Senate on behalf of the OSTA since the 2014 session. Although Barenberg has never registered as either a lobbyist or liaison with the Ethics Commission, he has behaved as one since that time.
Moreover, I am in receipt of the September 4, 2013 Notes of the OSTA meeting. Those notes state as follow:
He [Commissioner Thompson] spoke about a meeting with the Governor, Gary James, Bruce Robertson and Glen Coffee. The Commissioner stated that he was frustrated with the lawsuit and that he felt like there wasn’t enough discussion prior to the filing of the lawsuit. He said that he thought that the six month special assignment as legislative liaison that Keith had been put in would suffice. When asked why Keith was transferred out of the Bomb Squad, no answer.
Gary James was present and said that after the meeting at the Governor’s office and with the recent transfer of Keith Barenberg to a turnpike position, that we would like to move forward and make a concentrated effort to work together. There is a resolution to the lawsuit that was filed last month.
The above information makes it abundantly clear that Commissioner Thompson and Chief Adams have willfully and knowingly used funds appropriated for the Highway Patrol to instead pay Trooper Barenberg to lobby on behalf of the OSTA, a private organization.
The above fact has not gone unnoticed by me, several of my colleagues, members of the Oklahoma Public Employees Association, members of the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 219 which represents state law enforcement, as well as, agents from the OSBI and OBNDD that have repeatedly complained of the open criminal conduct of the DPS. Multiple times Senator Shortey, others with oversight responsibility, and I have privately demanded that DPS leadership stop paying a trooper to lobby for a private organization on public time. It has been questioned in open committee hearings and also brought to the attention of the Governor’s staff on numerous occasions. While no one will defend this blatant violation of law, nothing we have done over the last two years has been effective at stopping the unlawful behavior. The actions of DPS leadership indicate that they know that what they are doing is illegal, but they believe they are above the law. Accordingly, we have no other option but to refer this matter for criminal investigation.
The next allegation of wrongdoing is again related to embezzlement and to the OSTA. Despite repeated warnings, Commissioner Thompson, Chief Adams and the Governor have allowed troopers to attend OSTA meetings each month during times when they are on duty and being paid to enforce the law. They are allowed to drive state automobiles and use state fuel to attend these meetings. Each of these things is forbidden under Oklahoma law and a diversion of funds appropriated for law enforcement activities. An added complication is that many of those troopers work for the size and weights division, and thus are being paid at least partially with federal funds while they attend these private meetings.
Chief Pettingil estimated the taxpayer loss from these activities is well into the hundreds of thousands of dollars each year. Like the previous allegation, House and Senate members have repeatedly admonished DPS that they too must follow the law and not use taxpayer’s funds or time for private employee association meetings. Further, many troopers have quit the OSTA because they believe this activity is illegal and thus refuse to be associated. Again, nothing we have said or done in our oversight capacity has deterred or prevented DPS from continuing these illegal practices.
As an aside, Senator Shortey and former Representative Blackwell attempted to at least partially bring DPS into compliance by authoring legislation that would allow any public employee to attend employee association meetings once a month. The legislation made it through both chambers of the legislature but astonishingly was vetoed by the Governor. The Governor’s reasoning behind vetoing the bill was to prohibit employees of other agencies from receiving the same benefit that members of the OSTA currently enjoy.
At this point I want to pause to make it clear that neither my colleagues nor I place any blame for the above activities on the dedicated front-line troopers that are working honestly on behalf of the state. We applaud their good work, but we do have grave concerns about the leadership of the Department of Public Safety, the OSTA, and their commitment to the rule of law.
DPS has been almost completely unresponsive to our attempts at oversight. For reasons that are not completely understood, the Governor’s office doesn’t appear to exercise any authority over DPS. (Recently, her staff members have claimed they didn’t believe the troopers were in the Governor’s chain of command.) They appear paralyzed and this allows DPS to act as a rogue agency.
Accordingly, we are asking that your agency investigate these allegations to determine if there have been any criminal actions, and if so take whatever actions deemed appropriate.
On behalf of the Public Safety Committee of the Oklahoma House of Representatives, I want to thank you for your careful consideration of the above issues. If I can be of any further assistance to you in this matter please don’t hesitate to contact me.
Rep. Mike Christian
Konawa Tea Party
(4th) Tuesday April 26, 2016 7:00 - 9:00 PM
Kennedy Library - The Dougan Room
Konawa School, 701 W South Street
Charlie Meadows - Past President of OCPAC
Frank Volpe - Challenging Steve Russell for Congress

Earlier this week we learned that Senator James Lankford filed for a complete term as the Junior Senator from Oklahoma. That caused us to wonder if he has earned a full term as our Senator. Has he truly represented Oklahoma values in the time he has been a Representative and Senator in Washington. We have come to the conclusion that he has not.
The first article of interest we found was this James Lankford: Campaign Finance/Money - Summary - Representative 2014 | OpenSecrets. This is well worth your time to open and explore. It indicates that he has raised over $5 million dollars since 2013 towards his campaign to remain in office or to obtain the office as Senator. It also indicates that he spent most of it. It also indicates the biggest donators to his campaigns. We find that it is those contributors that raise the doubt as to who he is really working for. Most of those contributors are the main contributors to the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce. We don’t believe in coincidence.
The next item of interest we found was this Freedom Index: Congressional Scorecard for James Lankford. This indicates the record of how the Senator voted that was in line with the Constitution during both his Congressional and his Senatorial career. The one part of this report that stands out is there appears to always be a minor increase in his rating during years that he needs to be re-elected. Regardless of the year his record is not even as impressive as they indicate. In fact his record would actually place him at around a sixty three percent (63%) average which indicates a failing grade as a Conservative.
The next article of interest we found was this Rep. James Lankford responds to negative attacks - Tulsa World: Elections. This was in regards to his campaign for the Senate. Even at this point in the campaign, without a challenger, he was on the attack against groups who were with legitimate reasons not supporting his bid for the office of Senator. Many of those groups helped him to get elected to the House the first time. Apparently his performance has been so bad since that time that these groups could no longer support his campaign for any higher office. They had and continue to have justifiable cause to not support a very poor candidate.
The next article of interest we found was this The Okie » Questions Raised Around Education Fund Donors. This raises some serious questions about the campaign finances. This article only hints at the problem. The follow on article at More U.S. Senate donors remain anonymous | News OK indicates that there was a lot more to the story than what was being said. It would appear that a lot of dark money was spent on his campaign and that would indicate that he has been bought by the special interest groups.
We next found his campaign web site here Home | James Lankford - Faithful Conservative Leader. Now we have no doubt that he is a faithful individual. He spent years as a leader at the largest Religious Camps in the United States. A Conservative he is not. A true Conservative would vote with the Constitution in mind more than 70% of the time and he has never achieved that. As far as a leader goes, he may be able to lead children through a Church Camp, that doesn’t mean he is capable of leading men and women who are capable of thinking and doing things on their own. In fact nobody on this staff would follow him anywhere.
We actually dug through the pages of his campaign site and started here Where I Stand | James Lankford - Faithful Conservative Leader. This amounts to a collection of sound bites covering just about every subject we should be concerned about. The problem is while in the House and Senate he has voted against these very items he claims to stand for. That puts him in the same category as most of the politicians in this state. Telling people what they want to hear and doing the opposite when they get back into office. It’s called lying to the people.
The next article of interest we found was this James Lankford - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. There is some good information here; however it is nothing more than a glorified brag sheet for the Senator. For someone who grew up with the religious background he has, it’s truly hard to believe that he has caused so much harm to the citizens of Oklahoma and the United States.
We next went to to see what information they had on Senator Lankford. We started by going to his biography page here James Lankford's Biography - The Voter's Self Defense System - Vote Smart. There was nothing new here that wasn’t mentioned in other pages earlier.
We next went to the Ratings and Endorsement page here James Lankford's Ratings and Endorsements - The Voter's Self Defense System - Vote Smart. Being true to his religion and believes in this matter, he has consistently received a 0% rating from the pro-abortion groups and a 100% rating from the pro-Life groups. We must congratulate him on this matter.
His record on Agriculture and Food is far from stellar. With the exception of his first year in congress he has consistently received a rating of 50% or less. For a state with a large agricultural based economy this is completely unacceptable.
The one item we find particularly abhorrent to us as human beings and to the values of Oklahomans is the rating from the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights. He received a 0% from them. We must ask if the power has gone to his head. We would recommend that you read the entire report yourself. You’ll find that the reports are completely unacceptable.
We next took a look at the Senator’s voting record he James Lankford's Voting Records - The Voter's Self Defense System - Vote Smart. This record pretty much speaks for itself. He has voted against bills and amendments to bills that would benefit not only Oklahoman’s, but the economy of the United States itself. That is inexcusable. That’s like handing jobs to illegal aliens who will do the work for less money. We guess he must pay his financial backers back some way.
We next took a look at his Political Courage test here James Lankford's Issue Positions (Political Courage Test) - The Voter's Self Defense System - Vote Smart. We already knew that he was pro-life. He voted NAY to removing the troops from Afghanistan in 2011. He voted NAY on reducing the Defense budget. He has indicated that he is against raising taxes. This is a link that you should open up and read for yourself. It is full of information that you won’t find anywhere else.
We next looked at his campaign finance reports here James Lankford's Campaign Finances - The Voter's Self Defense System - Vote Smart. This report explains a lot about why he votes the way he does. It appears that most of his campaigns are financed through the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce and the crony corporations that keep them afloat. He may have graduated from a Theological University, but he has lost all credibility with his voters by the money he takes.
The next article of interest we found was this James Lankford | | Library of Congress. This is a report of all the actions he has taken as a Senator. It is not very impressive. The best thing he has accomplished is the introduction of a bill to assist Native American businesses a heads up on contracts on reservations.
The next article of interest we found was this Member Profile - James Lankford. This again is a link that you’ll want to open and read for yourself. This indicates not only his Congressional career, but also his Senate career. It is our opinion that both ratings are rated to high. At one point he was rated a C and as a Senator he was rated a D. In our book he was always an F. He has completely deserted the grass roots organizations that got him elected. In fact, he was awarded the paper elephant award for telling his constituents that he was for securing the border while pushing open border legislation in the House. Those are not Oklahoma values.
The next article of interest we found was this James Lankford on the Issues. This is an article that indicates where he stands on various subjects that are of National interest. There are really no surprises here.
In conclusion we can only say that Senator Lankford is no longer working for the people of Oklahoma or the people of the United States. He has been bought by the special interest groups and does their bidding instead. He can no longer say he holds the moral high ground. It is time to replace him as the Junior Senator from Oklahoma. In fact it is time for him to resign from office instead of running for re-election. He no longer represents Oklahoma values.