Hi Cat Friend!

Here is your "last half of August" issue of the
newsletter. Sorry this issue is a little late, but I've
had an especially good time rounding up information
for you this time, because I'm working on a new project,
and I wanted to share it with you.

I just finished my new ebook, called "Moving With
Pets." I had to include more than cats, at the request
of friends who suggested the book. So there is a lot
of information about dogs, too, and a little on fish
and birds, though I'm not as familiar with them.

I have nothing in it on exotic pets, but that's
a whole "nother" subject. If you think that would make
a good book, let me know, and I'll go do the research.

Anyway, here's where you come in:

I could use some help.

If you would like to read it, I'll send it to you
for no charge. However, there is a "price" you
will have to bear... I need your input. Before I
start offering the book for sale in the usual places,
I need to know how useful it is. I'm too close to it
now and can't tell anymore.

I need you to tell me if the title sounds good, if
you spotted any errors, if the information makes sense
to you, if you have any good stories to tell to use as
examples for certain situations, and what you think a
book like this is worth. (What should I charge for it?)

The next thing I need is your permission to include
your comments on my web sites. If you would like to
submit a testimonial, I'd be happy to have it.

So, if you want to help with this... and see your name
on my web site (or not)... just drop me an email and
let me know. I'll send you the ebook. Then you send me
your comments before Sept. 10, so I can put the finishing
touches on this.

Just think: You'll get to read this before anyone else...

Always keep small pets in crates or carriers when

Pet taxis, as they are often called, currently provide
the best protection for your cat (or other small pet).

Since it's not really possible or feasible to use a
seat belt for a small animal, as you might for a large
dog, keeping them restrained inside something is your
best bet.

Loose cats in a car can be quite dangerous, actually.
They can get under your gas or brake pedals, causing
an accident if you can't operate the vehicle properly.

Or, some cats enjoy strolling back and forth over the
dash, impeding your line of vision. They can escape out
the window rather quickly and unexpectedly, or hide
under a seat and escape when you open your door.

They also can be injured if you have to stop quickly.

Bottom line: It's just not safe to let a cat roam
around in the vehicle... either for you, or for her.


If you have to fly:


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