Flash News No. 18/2016 | July 7

ETS, the European Tissue Association

ETS appoints Fanis Papakostas as Vice Chairman
Industry veteran Fanis Papakostas, 58, has been appointed Vice Chairman of ETS, the European Tissue Association. He will take up his role in July of this year and serve until June 2017. With Roberto Berardi due to step down as Chairman in June 2017, Mr. Papakostas will be a strong candidate to succeed him in the role.
A specialist in tissue, Papakostas has spent 30 years in professional management and consulting, holding senior roles with Unilever, Beiersdorf and Kimberly-Clark. He also has a deep knowledge of detergents and cosmetics. His career was built via the Marketing and Sales paths. Additionally a good supply chain and finance cross functional experience, coupled with the right exposure on administration and legal corporate matters, have broadened his qualifications. 
Fanis Papakostas
“I am delighted to welcome Fanis as Vice Chairman,” said ETS Chairman Roberto Berardi. “He has an unrivalled knowledge of our industry and business and I look forward to working alongside him over the next 12 months in realising further opportunities for our sector.” 
Commenting on his appointment Fanis Papakostas said, “ETS undertakes important work in showcasing the benefits of paper and I look forward to continuing to promote these messages. My activities will aim to add value to what ETS delivers to its member companies, to their customers and of course to the tissue paper product users."   
Fanis Papakostas has studied and worked in five countries in the course of his career including UK, Germany, France, and Greece, and is currently based in Munich, Germany. He holds an MSc in Operational Research from the University of Southampton, and a BBA in Business Administration from the University of Maryland.
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