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Saturday, April 14th:

Full contact concepts and fighting principles: Karate in Depth

Visiting from Germany for a special event: Jürgen Höller, renowned martial arts expert with master degrees in multiple Karate styles, Taekwondo and Hapkido. Jürgen is well-known as a hardcore full contact expert, wrote many books and is well-studied in theory and reality of professional sports. 

He looks back on nearly five decades of martial arts. For those who are keen on Dan degrees and titles, here is a little collection: 

5. Dan Shobushinkai Karate
3. Dan Ashihara Karate
4. Dan Kenko Kempo Karate
4. Dan Taekwondo
4. Dan Jujitsu
2. Dan Combat Hapkido
2. Dan Judo

Jürgen visits Manchester occasionally because of his decade-old friendship with Mancunian chief instructor Heero. They met working for the police in Bonn, back then German capital and an amazing melting pot of martial arts knowledge and ability. Don't miss. 

Here is the Facebook-Event with more information. Please tell us that you are coming. Seminar costs: £10. For Missing Link members: £5.
We are training from 13.15 - 15.15 in Studio 25. 
Please note that there's no Qi Gong class on this day.