NADKC Western Region
August 2016
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  • Message from the WR Director
    by Frank O'Leary
  • 2017 NADKC Annual Meeting
  • WR Training Clinic
    by Mike Bucher
  • Veterinary Corner
    by Phil Kress, DVM
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 Message from the 
Western Region Director
by Frank O’Leary
The Western Region had a very successful and well received Training Clinic, in Lowden, WA, July 2nd & 3rd.  Much thanks needs to be given to Jeff Martin who did an excellent job presenting the clinic.  For two days Jeff shared his training techniques and experiences with the sixteen people who attended the event.  The subject matter covered everything from your first few weeks with your puppy through preparation for the Solms even touching on some VGP work.  Attendees offered the following:
I attended the NADKC Western Region training seminar in Walla Walla, featuring Jeff Martin as the speaker and found it to be a great dog training resource.  Jeff covered basic training methods and suggested specific training techniques for those training their dogs for either a Derby or a Solms, and answered many questions from the group.  Jeff also did field demonstrations of training methods. It was great spending the weekend talking about dog training with Jeff and other attendees.  I will definitely be signing up for the next training seminar held by the Western Region – Randall Cherry
A quick note to thank you, Frank, Marianne, and Jeff Martin for a super 1 ½ day training session.  We thought the venue worked well inside and out.  The food and refreshments were excellent.  We especially appreciated Jeff’s above and beyond efforts over the entire event; his obvious skills as a trainer, his commitment to give everyone and their dogs a turn to show where they were at and help towards their next steps, and his patience with all of the questions.  We were particularly struck with Jeff’s “joyful dog” approach to training.  And not to forget the ever important and well enjoyed socialising with all of the other attendees. Cathy who had never been to a DK or hunting dog event, felt very comfortable with the group and left talking enthusiastically about our next steps towards getting Tori to the Derby and Solms.  Hopefully we can do this again –
John & Cathy Metcalf
NADKC 2017 Annual Meeting
St. Louis, MO April 7-9th, 2017
Mark your calendars and plan on attending the 2017 Annual Meeting.  The hope is that this information will allow you the lead-time needed to plan your trip to St. Louis, MO. 
Although the meeting agenda is in development the Derby, Zuchtschau and meetings will be held at Busch Wildlife Conservation Area in St. Charles, MO on April 7th.  Busch Wildlife is approximately 10 miles from our Host Hotel the Holiday Inn Express & Suites O’Fallon, MO.
The Saturday April 8th meeting, Banquet, and Award Ceremony will be held at the Whitmoor Country Club approximately six miles from the Host Hotel.
Please plan to attend the 2017 NADKC Annual Meeting in St. Louis, MO.
Western Region Training Clinic
by Mark Bucher
Let's go back to April...where at the Derby and National meeting I was expressing with those I had met how new members, just like me, need to have something, a program or mentor to help us with the training needed to get us and our dogs from the Derby to the VGP.  Now it's late May and imagine my surprise, when I answer my phone and it was Frank O’Leary asking me if I would be interested in a training day for the Solms, I just about hit the ceiling!
Now to my amazement there is a session offered that we can use to help us with Solms requirements.  I was so excited the Club had listened and was truly interested in helping us new members.  Jeff Martin put on a great course, showing everything we needed in order get our DKs ready for the Solms by actually training for the VGP…this left me thinking wow I might actually be able to do this.  
Veterinary Corner
by Phil Kress, DVM
The other day as my faithful hunting dog Stella was staring back at me with her clear brown eyes, I thought of two ophthalmic diseases we see in practice every month.  One is cataracts, and the other glaucoma.  Almost all dogs, if they live a normal lifespan, will develop some degree of cataract formation.  The lens of the eye becomes more rigid and slowly solidifies, turning opaque or crystalline.  Images become more blurred and are finally lost into total blindness.
It has always amazed me how well dogs navigate the world when blind, perhaps because of their superior sense of smell, hearing, having four feet on the ground for balance and often the ability to still see shadows.  In modern veterinary medicine there is an option for surgical removal of cataracts and restoration of vision.  Generally a board certified ophthalmologist (there is one in the Tri Cities and at the WSU teaching facility in Spokane) will do a thorough eye exam, and also test for normal retinal function behind the opaque curtain of a mature cataract.  
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