Guide to the Archive's
on-line presence

The Archive's most successful year yet!

I'm sure you will have noticed that over this last year the Archive's 'online presence' (to use the fancy jargon!) has greatly increased bringing us a whole new audience both at home and abroad.

The results have been staggering and more recordings have been donated, loaned and aquired this year than in the past four!  This little guide will help you make the most of our online presence. 

Make the most of the Archive on-line
  • Website
  • Youtube Music Channel
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Vimeo Video Channel
The Archive's Website
At the heart of our online presence is the Archive's website, giving you direct links to our Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Vimeo via the icon buttons.
The website itself has just had a major re-design, so if you havn't looked at it in the last few weeks...have a browse!
  • All pages redesigned and substantially rewritten
  • Drop down menus for easier navigation
  • Historic recordings page which is regularly updated
  • Real-time on-line Messenger on each page
  • Our Twitter feed embedded on each page
  • New page : Church musicians past & present and their recordings
  • New page : TV, radio & film choir-related dramas
  • New page : Discography page with magazine style on-line viewing
Youtube Music Channel
The boldest and most adventerous innovation over this past year has been the Youtube Music Channel in collaberation with Barry Rose's 'Archive of Sound' channel.  I supply the music tracks from the Archive and they do all the hard work in uploading!  

The Youtube channel has been remarkably successful and its creation has given the Archive a worldwide audience, bringing in many rare and historic aquisitions.
Vimeo Video Channel
The Vimeo channel is the home of choir TV broadcasts, together with other videos and whilst they duplicate those on Youtube,  having them all on one dedicated channel hopefully enhances the viewing experience.   From time to time videos appear exclusively on Vimeo. 
Twitter & Facebook
Our Facebook and Twitter pages are both great ways to spread the word about the Archive and to keep in touch with our regular supporters.

After my initial disdain of Twitter (sorry Twitter!)  I now find it's the perfect way to keep everyone up to date with regular tweets.

All the latest news and comments, recent aquisitions to the Archive and the latest uploads to Youtube..... tweeted as and when it happens!   

Now, I know that many people don't use Twitter and will never do so!  Not a problem.. our Twitter feed is displayed at the bottom of every Archive webpage.  No need to have a Twitter account, the feed is simply part of the page which everyone who visits the website can read.

So you never need miss any of the exciting happenings in the Archive!