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In this issue...

Before we start in on the real news - did ya know:  a Blue Moon is the occurrence of a second full moon in a calendar month.  They only come around every three years or so and one is comin' this Friday, July 31.  To commemorate the occasion, we'll be offering $3 Blue Moon draws and $2.50 Blue Moon White IPA bottles.  Come join us Friday on the patio for the perfect vantage point for viewing the Blue Moon with a Blue Moon and some live tunes to boot.

25 Years

Can ya believe it - 25 years ago this September a little place on the Southside of JoCo opened its doors and welcomed in guests to a helpin' of Irish warmth and wit with Quenchibility and Gusto for all.  Paddy O'Quigley's is turning 25 and it's been a meetin' place for families and friends.  

We can't count all the great guests and staff that have been a part of those 25 years, but they all made the history of Paddy's what it is.  Generations have enjoyed the company of their family and friends with an OQ cup in hand or a plate of our fare on the table.
So - this September 17, 18, and 19 when Paddy O'Quigley's turns 25 o'fficially, we'll be throwin' a helluva hoolie on the Southside. We'll be havin' some great live music, a little 1990 throwback fun, and a lot more that's gettin' planned up right now.
Mark it down on your calendar, we'd love to see ya. 
Some New and Some Old
Bloody Mary's - some months ago, we ventured to try a new Bloody Mary recipe, thinkin' it to be better.  But we heard from many of our loyal, faithful friends and family that they wanted the original back and so 'tis -- we returned to the O'Riginal O'Q Bloody Mary a few weeks ago and everyone is happy with order restored to the universe.  Let's just call it our version of a New Coke trial and error.  By the way - they're on special Saturdays and Sundays!
Burger War Winner - Did ya know, you can still order this year's Burger War Winner?  'Tis true.  If'n you tried it and loved it or didn't during the Wars back in May, well, ya still can.  The Sundance Kid features our big over-sized burger topped with pepper jack cheese, candied jalapenos, roasted red peppers, two slices of bacon, some of our BBO'Q sauce, and a single onion ring.  There's good reason it was the most popular Burger War entrant thoughout all of May.  By the way - the candied jalapenos are just the right amount of sweet with a touch of heat, so don't be shy.
New Beers on Tap - We added four new taps which gives us room to bring back some of our old favorites while addin' to our list of micros and other great beers.  Some of the new beers on tap include these fine tastes:
  • Curious Traveler Lemon Shandy
  • Martin City Belgian Blonde
  • Mother's Three Blind Mice
  • Lagunitas IPA
  • Plus all the old faves like Boulevard's 80 Acre, Calling IPA, Pale Ale, and Wheat; All your favorite Irish imports; and ever-present and always refreshing domestics 
Live Music Keeps Playin' On 
It's been a bit steamy lately, but cooler nights are in store this weekend and beyond.  Our live music on the patio continues each evening starting at 7pm every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  Even when its on the warm side, the patio catches the cool summer breezes and proves a comfortable spot to enjoy the good company, fine fare, quenchible libations, and entertainin' tunes.
The lineup for the next couple o' weeks include some great people who make great sounds:
Thursday, July 30: Garry Lincoln
Friday, July 31: Scott Duncan (Blue Moon night)
Saturday, August 1: Naked Jake
Thursday, August 6: Brett Blakemore
Friday, August 7: Andy DeWitt
Saturday, August 8: Blue Plate Special
Check us out on Facebook or Twitter to get the list and lineup all summer long.  We'll also have it on our website.

Paddy O'Quigley's