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10 years anniversary! Special offer for 14 days lodge safari and Zanzibar.
Ebola update
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Europe is closer to the epicenter than East Africa
We understand the concerns about Ebola and we like to reassure there has been no reports of an Ebola outbreak in Tanzania or anywhere else in East and South Africa. As we all know Africa is a huge continent and the distance from the Ebola epicenter is closer to London than to Arusha and Nairobi. Further more there is no railway or road network to connect West Africa with East Africa and Kenya Airways does not fly from Sierra Leone, Guinea or Liberia.
Free-of-charge cancellation if case reported
If the unlikely event of a reported case in Tanzania or if the country of origin will publish an official travel warning against travelling to Tanzania, we guarantee a free-of-charge cancellation of any tour already booked with us. Any paid deposit will be either refunded or hold for any future travel within the next 2 years (as per clients’ preference).
Unexpected movement of the Migration

The wild beest migration is unexpectedly and not according to the regular circuit back around Central Serengeti. The grazing cycle of the Wildebeest which is most commonly called the ‘Migration’ is basically following the rains. Wildebeest require water nearly every day so when the rains move north away from the Short Grass Plains of the central and southern Serengeti, the Wildebeest follow.
As there have been good rains this year in the south and centre, the herds have really spread out with some wildebeest remaining in the north, but others moving all the way down to the short grass plains! This has provided lots of sightings of Wildebeest herds down in the centre when they would not be expected.

The southern and central Serengeti has experienced a much wetter September and October than is normal. Tanzania receives its rain from a very powerful weather system that is called the Intra Tropical Climate Zone, or ITCZ for short. Look at any photograph of earth taken from space and you can see a band of clouds that circles the earth between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn, this is the ITCZ.

Please make me a special itinerary to follow the Migration


Special Itinerary for booking in November
Serengeti Migration Special 5 days Lodge Safari

Day 01  Lake Ndutu
Large herds of wildebeests and zebras are around Lake Ndutu. After some game driving around the area you rest at your nice lodge – the Ndutu Safari Lodge.
Day 02  Lake Ndutu-Ikoma
Early morning game drive to see nocturnal  predators returning from hunting and animals waking up in early morning light. Then you will continue further into the Serengeti National Park for game drives.  Overnight at Mapito Tented Camp at Serengeti.
Day 03  ‘Great Migration’ at Serengeti
A full day of game drives around Serengeti. Depending on the time of year and the migration of the herds The famous ‘Great Migration’ is in full swing around Southern and Central Serengeti and the large herds of wilderbeests and zebras can be easily observed. Expect to see as well lions, elephants, giraffes, monkeys, baboons, hippos, rhinos, antelopes, maybe even crocodiles and many birds and other species.
Overnight at Mapito Tented Camp at Serengeti.
Day 04  ‘Great Migration’ at Serengeti
Another early morning game drive today. Overnight at Mapito Tented Camp at Serengeti.
Day 05  Serengeti -Arusha
Return to Arusha with some game viewing en route with arrival late afternoon.


New hotel at Lake Victoria - Serenity on the Lake

What we like with this hotel, beside its stunning view over Lake Victoria , is its location a mere 10 km from The Serengeti Ndabaka Gate and only 120 km from Mwanza.
This luxury resort sets its pride in working in harmony with nature. All hot water and lights are powered by Solar and waste is safely disposed and what that is recyclable is sent for recycling. 
 This is a resort with high standards in service and also we want to recommend it for travelling with a group.

Speke Bay Lodge - offers great excursions

On the shores of Lake Victoria lies one of our favourites and long standing business partner Speke Bay Lodge- just recently updated with new furnitures.

If you want to rest and have a true experience of Africa for a few days this is the place. Excursions in boats and on mountain bikes are offered and you can fish from the beach for Tilapia, enjoy the peacefulness, or wander around on the Lodge's 100 hectares of savannah, looking for birds.

Take a look at our itinerary Great Safari Tanzania 13 days that includes Speke Bay Lodge. This Safari includes spectacular scenaries such as Lake Natron, Lake Ndutu, Lake Eyasi, Lake Manyara, Ngorongoro Crater and the Serengeti plains.

If you want a personalized itinerary with a stay at Speke Bay lodge we are happy to put one together at no extra charge. Just let us know.

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