13 February 2020
The EU’s new circular economy plan aims to halve waste by 2030 and put industry at the centre. As a part of this process, SE Europe must change the way of production, consumption and trade, and the way it manages the waste. Waste prevention and absolute resource use reduction are both targets to be achieved.
In line with the global trends, seeSUSTAINtec (7 - 9 April, Sofia, Bulgaria) will welcome leading companies. They will present their latest sustainable solutions and engage the business and public attention. In today’s newsletter we are glad to announce some of them.
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(waste management & recycling, energy efficiency & RES, smart cities, air quality) 
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How Bulgaria can use the Austrian “Small and Enough” principle in its sustainable development
Interview with Ulrike Straka, Commercial Advisor at the Austrian Embassy
Ms. Straka, for the 11th consecutive year the Austrian pavilion of seeSUSTAINtec 2020 will present eco-innovations from Austrian companies. Why should we invest in them?
Austria is at the forefront of technologies that help protect the environment and improve sustainability - waste management, recycling, energy efficiency, renewable energy, air pollution technologies, and water management. Whether it is a family business with traditions or start-ups, there are many companies in Austria with high prestige and strong market presence around the world. For Austria, whose 5% of GDP is generated by the tourism industry, the Nature's Protection topic is not only a modern and up-to-date issue, but a problem that has been working for years and we are creating new products and technologies.
At the Austrian Pavilion and the Advantage Austria‘s booth, I would like to invite anyone with an interest in energy efficiency and waste management. The Austrian companies will present screening machines, vibroconveyors and magnetic separators, on board weighing and identification systems, biomass boilers, heating systems. More

Pelleting equipment for converting waste into high value-added products
Interview with Mr. Hristoskov, Manager at Isav-1
Dear Mr. Hristoskov, why did you decide to participate in seeSUSTAINtec? The opportunity to introduce new customers to innovative technologies for the rational utilization of waste from their production.
What solutions will you present?  Wood pellets, straw, lucerne, bran, sunflower flakes and other raw materials. More
Recently joined participant
• Ecosol is a partner of Doppstadt, Hako, PM, Negri, Farid, Glutton, Tehnix, Isoli, Multicar, Tisan.
The company will present: installations for separation, construction waste recycling and biomass processing equipment, urban space cleaning and maintenance machines, garbage collection vehicles, solutions for landfill treatment, etc.
• LIFE programme: EU funding for air quality, waste management & recycling and circular ideas. 
During the LIFE session in seeSUSTAINtec, several experts will take the floor, including a delegate from the LIFE National Contact Point in Bulgaria [TBC], Mr. Mihail Bachvarov and Ms. Sylvia Goranova (Neemo LIFE Monitoring Team) and representatives of successful LIFE-funded projects who will share their experience with the programme and the application process. The session intends to provide an overview of the LIFE programme and the funding opportunities it offers. It will include important highlights about the LIFE call 2020 and relevant information about the evaluation process and criteria, the thematic priorities, etc. This conference is of interest to potential applicants to the LIFE call for proposals. More
Some event partners
• The Spanish Biogas Association represents the interests of the agro-industrial biogas sector in Spain, establishing a platform for communication and collaboration among biogas industry participants worldwide.
• B2Green.gr is the most active integrated online platform in Greece, focused in the field of green technologies: Green Building – Energy Savings; Electricity – RES; Heating; Environment; Hydrocarbons; Green Business
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