Greetings beautiful Yogis:
See below our schedule for next weekend.
This will be our last group sadhana weekend.Please bring your sadhana "supplies" as well as your head covering for Gurdwara on Sunday.  If you've missed one or more, please let me know how you plan to make it up and when it's completed. I will be ordering certificates in May for those who will be certifying in June with all requirements completed. Even if you are waiting to complete 20 classes or White Tantric, your 5 sadhanas need to be completed by the end of our training. I took a poll on whether we will be having sadhana on Sunday or Saturday this month. I didn't hear from a few people and those who replied were divided, so I chose Sunday.
We will be having foot massage on Sunday, so please bring two hand towels and your favorite massage oil/lotion.
see you Saturday morning!
April 2017 Schedule Level One Chapel Hill 
Saturday, April 8
8 am: tune in and circle sharing
9 am: Postures with DNK  
10:30: break
10:40: anatomy with Dukh Niwaran
12:00: more postures
1:15: lunch
2:00: Chapter 6 lecture, golden chain, Yogi Bhajan, spiritual teacher, students read bio and discuss
3:30: break
3:40: HDK presents Kundalini Yoga and Sikh Dharma
4:45: Harijiwan’s letter, one minute breath and SoDarshan Chakra kriya
5:15: more postures and/or anatomy - DNK
6:00: Long time Sun and close
Sunday, April 9
5 am: DNK lead sadhana
7:15: nap/breakfast
8 am: Workshop begins: HDK leading Stress Set for Adrenals and Kidneys
9 am: relaxation massage with DNK
10:30: break
10:45: foot massage
12:00: workshop ends, Lunch
12:40: relaxation
1 pm: video: Relieving Your Elementary Stress, (chattr chakkr varti)
2 Pm: postures, anatomy, or SD, whatever needs more coverage
3 pm: break
3:10: Gurdwara
4:30: evaluation forms DNK
5 pm: homework assignments (practicums) and questions
5:30: meditation for solidarity
6:00: Long Time Sun and close