NEWS & ADVENTURES of a mama musician artist | Fall 2017
~ The Amanda West Newsletter ~
Hello Dear Ones,
I cannot write a public statement at this moment without first acknowledging the immense amount of grief and heartbreak of so many things happening in the world right now. I don't have to name them, you know. It’s been quite a time. Being human is no easy feat.
And what allows us to carry on? Sometimes it is anger, or pure stubbornness, sometimes blindness or denial. And often, it is the light within the human heart. It is what we find when we are present in community with each other, or just with one another, two humans eye to eye. It is what we find in art and music, or when we allow ourselves to be held in the beauty of Mother Earth.
Hope, Kindness, Love. These are radical revelations, and these are what I strive to continuing cultivating, because I need them, and the world does too.  
So I have one more live music offering for you this fall ~
Autumn House Concert with Amanda & Pete
Saturday October 28th, 2-4pm
optional potluck at 12:30pm
Santa Cruz, CA
Advanced tickets highly recommended:
All ages welcome
+ Special Offer for my mailing list friends:
If you buy an advanced ticket and for some reason aren’t able to make the show, I will send you a CD! So you’ve got nothing to lose, I do hope you will join us.
{Image from the Golden Bum Café, Bonny Doon, CA, in a recent set we played on a beautiful fall evening}
{One-on-one music lessons… who is the student and who is the teacher? Sometimes I'm not sure. Such a fulfilling way to fill my time}
{Image from the First 5 Workshop in San Fransisco that I led last month for teachers of infants and toddlers, focusing on the importance and power of music and song in the early years of life. We did some singing and songwriting, and took time to listen and learn from each other… These are new songwriters hard at work!}
So here we are in the autumn time, stacking the wood for our winter stove, cleaning the gutters, shifting the energies inward. I’ve written many other things in my draft of this letter, but I think maybe this is all that needs to be said for right now.
Know that I am thinking of you; That I am still singing and will keep on singing.
with Hope, Kindness & Love,
~ Amanda
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~  U P C O M I N G  E V E N T S   ~

Saturday October 28th @ 12:30pm 
Autumn House Concert & Potluck
with Amanda & Pete 
@ Luke's House ~
115 Carbonera Court, Santa Cruz, CA 95060
all ages welcome
Advanced Tickets highly recommended:
Sunday November 12th @ 4pm 
Music Student Recital & Concert 
@ The Pacific Cultural Center 
1307 Seabright Ave., Santa Cruz, CA
Monday November 20th @ 7pm 
Womb Song ~ Gratitude Circle
birth-centered singing circles for women
1307 Seabright Ave., Santa Cruz, CA
for all the details please visit
Private Lessons in Voice, Guitar & Songwriting
Grandview Studios in Felton, and Sylvan Music in Santa Cruz
Specializing in work with girls and women. More details:

Amanda West 
~ Grounding Connection Through Music  ~
PO Box 7345 | Santa Cruz CA 95061