Candid Arts
Opening this Thursday

Candid Arts has the pleasure of inviting you
to the preview evening of the


Thursday 30th June (6-9pm)


Amanda David | Ana Maria Terzoni | Andrew Darcy
Anna Pilarczyk | Anne Hutchinson | Antonis Sideras
Ashley Greaves | Barry Moore | Belinda Lam | Ben Andreas
Blandine Martin | Bruce Marks | Chloe Arros |Claire Swindale
Diana Trinca | Diane Hill | Elaine Vasconcellos Papworth
Elena Cremona | Farrukh Hyder | Fiona Scheibl 
George Thomas | Gil Jawetz | Hedy Sadoc | Ian Segrave
Jamie Gray | Jean-Pierre Roffi | Joanna Pilarczyk
Joshua Evan | Karen Loader | Kate Renwick | Kean Salmon
Kelly Sweeney | Laramie Lanclos | Lauren Nickless 
Liene Steinberga Cesar | Liu Huiting | Luis Ruocco
Marek Emczek Olszewski | Maria Rogers | Mark McKee
Mark Walter | Meg Wroe | Nic Humphries | Niloufar Lamakan
Rachael Murray | Richard Stoller | Sam Kerridge
Sarah Hill | Selina Mayer | Simon Tolhurst | Stanislav Geissler
Su Cook | Sunyoung Oh | Svetlana Atlavina | Youssef Sida
Exhibition open:
Friday 1st - Sunday 10th July 12-6pm
Free Admission
Ground Floor Gallery, Candid Arts Trust

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If you have any questions regarding the hire of our spaces, classes or services please email or call us on 0207 837 4237.

Office Open: Monday to Friday from 10am - 6pm.

Candid Arts: 3 Torrens Street, Angel, London, EC1V 1NQ
Registered Charity: 1051672