Refirement Network :: September 2016


Dear Refirement Members

How glad I am that it is spring in South Africa. There is an energy and awakening to engage, de-clutter and make things happen. I know I hibernate too much in the cold months. Spring has sprung - in fact we have gone straight from winter into summer.

I am excited to launch our first version of our Skills Bank directory this month. I am also showcasing a new online travel site where as an over 50 you can engage both as a guest or a host. The first meeting for female entrepreneurs 50+ is also taking place in the next month. There is a great article about travelling around our beautiful continent and an opportunity to add retirement coaching to your portfolio of skills. A jam packed edition.

Sit back, enjoy and pass on to your 50+ friends.

Lynda Smith
Founder of Refirement Network. Wisdom Preserver and Connection Specialist.

Are you a trained coach and wanting to add retirement coaching to your portfolio? We will be offering the two day coaching of this program with one day in October and one day in early November. Please be in touch if you are keen to do this and we can have a chat. Read More.

50+ Directory
The Directory of services for the 50+ group was launched last month. There are already more than 30 service providers listed. Take a look here.




The Refirement Skills Bank

The skills bank is a dream I have had for a long time. This is not just a place to showcase your skills like one does on a recruitment site, but rather a place to be seen by others who may need your skills. This could lead to paid work. Please read this article to understand the intent and then please add your details to the directory. Please send the link to your friends as well so that they too can join. There are no costs involved. Read more.

The Freebird Club

This past week I had an exciting Skype conversation with the Irish founders of a new travel site for the 50+ generation called The Freebird Club. This is a novel way to engage with other people in our demographic group, become a host and earn foreign currency and discover new ways to travel. They tell me they have a number of guests wanting to visit South Africa, so I encourage you to add your home to the list. Read more.

Lionesses of Africa ENCORE

I have been in conversation with Melanie Hawkins, the founder of Lionesses of Africa for a number of months now. I am pleased to announce that the first Lionesses of Africa ENCORE event for female entrepreneurs 50+ will take place on the 18th October. This is sponsored by Standard Bank Incubator. Please do not delay in booking by sending me an email to Tickets to these events go fast. There are no costs involved. Read more.

Put Foot – by Jenny Reid

Please enjoy the article written by fellow Boomer, Jenny Reid about their wonderful adventure through Africa while making a difference. Read More.




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