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Newsletter April 3, 2024
Saskia Laroo
My Jubileum Year In Spring 2024!
Dear Music Friends,

Middle spring has arrived, and we hope it finds you well. We are thrilled to share that inspiration has struck us profoundly, propelling us into the heart of creating music that resonates with individuals from diverse ages and cultures. Our journey has been marked by several remarkable performances, each celebrating a significant year in my career as a musician, songwriter, and producer.
Looking ahead, an exciting lineup of concerts and festivals is on the horizon. For organizers interested in bringing our music to your events, please know that we welcome any gigs/concerts/performances with open arms.

Celebrating 45 Years of Musical Excellence
Celebrating 45 years on stage, I've toured globally with my bands, now mainly
offering a vibrant mix of jazz, funk, hip-hop, pop, Latin, world, and dance music.
Last year, I was honored in the Netherlands as the most touring female artist of 2022. Reflecting on the countries I've performed in brings back fond memories and the wonderful people I've met.
My Journey Through Time: Compiling Memories and Melodies
I'm currently working hard on making compilations of videos, audio, and photos from my performances at festivals, clubs, and other events for this jubilee year.
If you have any photos, videos, or even secret bootleg recordings, please share them with me to enrich this collection.
This spring, we're jazzing up your newsletter with a spotlight on Saskia Laroo's remarkable 45-year voyage through music. Known for her vibrant fusion of jazz, encapsulating everything from traditional to contemporary sounds, Laroo has not only made an indelible mark on the genre but also on the hearts of fans worldwide. As we celebrate her musical legacy, we also look forward to the array of performances she has lined up. Join us in this jubilant season of jazz, where history and future meet in the melodious soundscape of Saskia Laroo's world. Don't miss the chance to be part of the ongoing journey of this legendary jazz virtuoso!

  • Petra Beckers
  • Bob de Boer
  • Marcel Schikhof
  • Mike Den Toorn
  • Paul Pollmann
  • Ksavera Kasparaviciute
  • Daniel Gueli
Upcoming Highlights
In the pipeline, we're thrilled to unveil what's next in the exhilarating universe of Saskia Laroo. Keep your eyes peeled for an insider's look at forthcoming gigs, spotlighting the eagerly awaited stage shows by the Saskia Laroo Band. Moreover, we'll explore upcoming ventures and partnerships that redefine the jazz genre's limits. Anticipate exclusive retrospective content and major news as we navigate through 2024, all set to the vibrant tunes of Saskia Laroo. Brace yourselves for a calendar brimming with creativity, pioneering spirit, and Saskia Laroo's signature musical brilliance.
My label Laroo Records for three decades
My label, Laroo Records, is also celebrating its 30th anniversary, and I'm brainstorming ways to mark this milestone.
  • Your creative ideas are definitely most welcome! 
  • Check out my latest release "Trumpets Around The World" and my complete discography here: Saskia Laroo Discography.

Join Us Live: Upcoming Music Events
 We continue to perform at both large and small events and festivals. Upcoming shows in the Netherlands include
  • a performance by the Saskia Laroo Band with the legendary Hans Dulfer for Royal Jazz on April 27 in de Bullekerk, Zaandam, and 
  • a three-day artist-in-residence program with Laroo/Byrd from June 7-9 for Jazz at the Sjtasie, a new international festival.
Special Shows This Month
Some special upcoming performances include:
  • Laroo/Byrd Funky4 April 5 & 20 at Music Restaurant the Flying Monkey, Newington, CT, US. Click here for more info and tickets. 
  • Jazzkia Quintet ft Warren Byrd April 13 at the McLean Institute, Simsbury, CT, US. Click here for more info and tickets.
  • The Saskia Laroo Band April 27 at De Bullekerk  in Zaandam for Royal Jazz on Dutch Kingsday. Click here for more info and tickets

  Saskia Laroo Band Ft Ronald Snijders at Royal Jazz 2023
Throwbacks 2024
>Sat March 2, 2024
Saskia Laroo Band 
@ De Bunker Live, Gorinchem, NL

>Sun, Feb. 25, 2024
Jazzkia (Saskia Laroo Quartet) 
@ Jazz On The Waves, Texel, NL

>Thu, Feb. 22, 2024
Saskia Laroo Band
@ Stiels, Haarlem, NL
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For bookings and more information, feel free to contact me directly at We hope to hear from you or see you at one of our shows! Stay musical, Keep on swinging, Saskia