Leith Hill Action Group Newsletter 41  

August 2016

Stop the Leith Hill oil drilling!

Hello to all our supporters.

Many of you will recently have received another letter from Surrey County Council relating to submissions to meet planning conditions for the exploratory drilling.  In our last newsletter (Newsletter 40) we explained why you are receiving these letters.  If you want to refresh your memory you can click this link to see the newsletter again.

As we explained in Newsletter 40, whilst we will be reviewing the applications in detail and feeding back any comments we have to Surrey County Council, these particular conditions are ones that mostly require specialist expertise in order to pass comment.  As such, we are not expecting that many people will have the necessary expertise to respond.  We are not therefore looking for you to take any action in relation to the letters you have received to date.

The latest submission is in relation to how the ecological survey will be conducted.  You can find it by clicking this link and selecting the “attachments” tab.

One thing we that we have noticed from the documents supplied is that Europa are seemingly already backtracking on Condition 4, the 18 week period, which the Inspector described as “crucial” and “unequivocal”.  We will certainly be pursing this point with the council.

We expect it to still be several months before Europa make their submissions concerning how they intend to meet the planning conditions regarding the necessary traffic management scheme (that will need to be implemented along Knoll Road / Coldharbour Lane.  

We will continue to keep a close eye on this whole process and keep you up to date with the key details.

Patrick Nolan