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The 2014 edition of the SEE event on Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy has successfully ended. It has proved its role as a great networking and new product exposure platform.
●  Exhibtors from Austria, Belarus, Bulgaria, China, Czech Republic, Greece, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, the Netherlands and Ukraine
33%  were from abroad
44% of the exhibitors intend to be a part of the EE & RE 2015
●  For 5th  year in a row there was an Austrian Pavilion, located at a larger exhibition area.
●  Speakers from whole Europe presented timely topics related to the district heating and cooling, waste-to-energy, foreign experience in energy efficiency and renovation, nZEBs strategies.
We are pleased to share with you the results in the Post Event Report and to announce the new date: March 11-13, 2015. For the large-scale implementation of the innovative energy technologies we will continue to keep informed the business and community in SE Europe for the benefits and expand the event scope by new topics.
What are the perspectives in the Region?

The South-East Europe plays an important  role in the achievement of EU targets 20-20-20.
The security of energy supply, fast climate changes, strong economic and social benefits have prompted many countries in South-East Europe to diversify their energy mix and to reduce the import of fossil fuels, keeping money circulation within the regional economy. Through improved cooperation mechanisms and incentives, the countries could develop a market with significant size for strong investors.
The Region has a great potential for energy savings and utilization of wide spectrum of renewables – bio,  geothermal,  solar, wind   energy  аnd waste-to-energy. Countries with a sea outlet have the opportunity to drive forward the 'blue energy' sector.
The CO2 reduction in transport sector is the other priority issue and in the Region solutions for replacement of the fossil fuels with alternative low carbon fuels are sought. In terms of e-mobility, South-East Europe is at its early stage and governments are going to stimulate this emerging industry. 

Parallel to the SEE Exhibition and Forum on EE & RE 2015 will be held the Smart Cities Exhibition and Conference.

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