Good Evening Huntsville,

There are a few items of interest this week:

Planning and Zoning Commission meeting 

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Huntsville Town Hall

7:00 pm 

Click here to see the agenda:,%20May.%2025,%202006.pdf

Also, be sure to mark your calendars for an upcoming Public Hearing to review the new Land Use Ordinances.  The public hearing will be held in conjunction with the regularly scheduled town council meeting:

Thursday, June 1, 2006

Ogden Valley Branch of the Weber County Library

7:00 pm

To see the New Draft ordinances, click here:

Town Clean up a success!

Thanks to all who participated in the town cleanup.  Our town looks great!  A special thanks to Councilman Jim Truett and Dave Jenkins who spearheaded the cleanup.

Also, thanks to Max and Suzanne Ferre who prepared the infamous Ruth Wood eggs complete with plenty of Cream and Butter - a feast that truly would have made Robert Atkins proud!

Additionally, thanks to Brad Layton and Cory Thompson who generously donated trucks and equipment for the effort (along with their time).  And thanks to members of the Ogden Valley Community Church who are always willing to step up to the plate for our Community.

And thanks to everyone else, whose name are too numerous to mention.

Town Blockparty

More thanks to everyone who attended the Town Blockparty, but a special thank you to:

Lane Hoyt - aka Chef Boyardee

Brad Layton - the Brewmaster (root beer, of course)

Gail Ahlstrom and Ramona Clapperton - Party coordinators, decorators, planners, cleaners, donors, and on and on and on.  Without them, the party would have been a flop!

One last thing, surely you have noticed the new street signs throughout our town.  They look great and we are looking forward to the forthcoming address signs. 

That being said, we do have many of the old signs available if anyone would like some for garage decor.  We have Stop, Yield, Speed Limit, and Pedestrian Crossing signs among others. 

If you would like any of these signs before we dispose of them, please contact with your request.  We will compile all requests and distribute them sometime in mid June.

Thanks and have a great week.  Smile