Refirement Network :: May 2016


Dear Refirement Members

It has been a busy month and I seem to be focused on Pretoria this month. The thing I love about my work is that I get to visit different parts of our beautiful country and meet many interesting people. We had a wonderful dinner and function on the 11 th May at The Centurion Country Club and next week I will be a doing a discussion session with coaches. More about this in the newsletter.

I value your membership and would love you to join me on the social media platforms as well. We share articles and stories daily that can impact and educate. Under content on the website there is a link to all the different platforms.

Have a fabulous month and hope to see you soon at an event or be in touch if you want to help me put one together in your area of the country.


Lynda Smith
Founder of Refirement Network. Wisdom Preserver and Connection Specialist.



Upcoming Events

The session on the 26th May is for any coach who wants to add the skills of understanding the process of working with a person heading for an exit from formal work. It may also be valuable for HR managers who want to be able to help their older employees with an exit strategy. Read more

Lessons for succession planning
from Bill Hybels

I attended a wonderful morning with Bill Hybels in Pretoria on the 6 th May. Bill is a global leader and the session was a Question and Answer session for leaders. One of the questions was about succession planning. I have written an article on the subject. Valuable steps for any leader of an organisation but also of value to document your own journey from formal work to what is next. Read full article

Are your policies all in one place and does your family know what needs to happen when you die?

I have had an interesting month dealing with a policy from my mother’s estate. The reason I have written about my personal story is to help others to focus on their own estate and take ownership to ensure that all your things are documented and those who need to know what is going on are in the loop. Read full article.

Managing staff 50+ in the workplace
We have now put together a brochure of all our offerings for the workplace dealing with the 50+ employee. Read through our offerings and send on to those you feel may benefit. My current survey is showing that very few companies are focused on this cohort of staff. View full brochure (PDF)




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