Hello Cat Lover,

What a week this has been for me with the petfood recalls.
You too, I'll bet. At first, I was gloating about not being affected.
So far, the recent recalls seemed to be only about dog food from
Diamond. But then I found out that Diamond owns Taste of the Wild,
too. So I called my supplier and found out that my last shipment is
on the recall list, and it's cat food! Sigh. This is getting very difficult
to deal with.

Since some of you have been affected also, or are wondering about
it, I have been collecting some info, hoping to come up with a good
solution that doesn't include me having to make all my own petfood
at home. With 40 cats, that's about all I'd ever get done.

If you have not seen the recent reports, I'll try to list the best websites
and reports I've found or have been sent to me. Thanks to everyone
who sent me a link!

First, drop in here to download some reports I've located:


Also pick up this report:


AND this one:


Let me know if you hear anything new. And good luck with your pets. I hope
you haven't had any problems because of this.