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June 2014

Welcome to the June issue of <monitor input> 
BFBS Radio have purchased 4 Gefell M930 microphones, complete with Håkan Pop Killers as part of their major refurbishment.  Steve Battersby has purchased an 8-track 4MinX which he used at the Witney Music Festval, AETA have considerable improved the flexibility of the 4MinX with the latest firmware update -
and the last remaining items in our Stock Clearence.
In this edition:
BFBS Radio purchase four
Microtech Gefell M 930
microphones for their upgraded studio complex
BFBS radio in Buckinghamshire have purchesed four Gefell M930 large diaphragm condenser microphones, complete with EH93-P suspensions and matching Håkan P110 Pop Killers for their radio studio, as part of the complete refurbishment of their studio complex.
They tried and tested several alternatives before choosing the M930 as the very best for the studio.
Although a large diaphragm condenser, the M930 is small in size and does not dominate the table.  The suspension is effective and also small in size.  In addition, the Håkan
Pop Killer does not colour the sound.
BFBS are also happy how the microphones perform with music as they have used them for a music recording as well as for presenters in the talk studio.
4MinX at the Witney Music Festival
Steven Battersby of Total Access Audio Systems has just purchased a 4MinX for music recording.
Finding that the 4MinX did everything he wanted, he has ordered an 8-track version.  Steven commented: "The real selling point for me is the quality of the microphone pre-amplifiers in the 4MinX - with their low noise and distortion plus high headroom to the point of complete transparency - which is what matters so much in music recording".

He had borrowed a unit for a trial period and one recording he made during this time was played on the local radio station, with the result that several listeners rang in asking where they could buy a copy.  The recording was of Eloise Rees singing "Stop the Clocks" and the station was Witney Radio.  (Whilst this clip is only on youtube and isn't the final mix, the audio is edited with the rough video they had on the front page of the Witney Radio website!).
The result of all this is that the recording will now be used for a CD release, as well as for broadcast; and Steven will likely return later in the year to record more tracks for the CD with his new 4MinX.
He used his new 4MinX for the first time at the Witney Music Festival in Oxfordshire at the end of May.

New firmware update for the AETA 4MinX recorder
extends its flexibility to a new level
On the 28th April, AETA released a new firmware update that extends the flexibility of the 4MinX recorder.
The 4MinX recorder is one of the most versatile portable / location recorders on the market; with not only superlative audio quality but it also incorporates a mixer that can flexibly mix any of the ten inputs to up to eight tracks.  The optional timecode module is the industry standard Ambient unit, made to the highest professional standards.  The recorder also incorporates AES3 digital and AES42 digital microphone inputs and well as optional Soundfield microphone A-format/B-format monitoring.  The 4MinX is the only recorder on the market that incorporates all these options in a single unit.
Unlike other recorders, the 4MinX has level controls on all the inputs, including the AES42 digital microphone inputs.
The new firmware update includes the ability to add up to 7 milliseconds delay to the inputs, adjustable in 0.1 millisecond steps.  This works on ALL inputs: the four mic/line inputs, the line inputs and also the digital inputs.
This means that, for example, analogue and digital microphones can be mixed together without any delays.  Digital microphones, such as the Schoeps SuperCMIT can have an extended processing delay – this new firmware update means that the analogue microphones can be set so that they are in synchronisation with the digital mic. if it has a longer processing delay.
This confirms the 4MinX’s position as probably the most flexible portable recorder on the market.
Full information is HERE
The updated User Manual is on the website here
New firmware update for the AETA ScoopFoneHD and ScoopFoneRack
On the 4th June, AETA released updated firmware for the ScoopFoneHD and ScoopFoneRack.
This new firmware is version 1.04.05 and is downloadable from the SoundLink website HERE (scroll down the page to the update link and instructions).
AETA have also updated the User Manuals ("Getting Started" Guides) to accompany the updated firmware and these are downloadable from the links below:-
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