NEWS & ADVENTURES of a mama musician artist | May 2017
~ The Amanda West Newsletter ~
Dear Ones,
When I first became pregnant I was terrified of what would become of my music career. I knew no other young parents in the music world. There was no map for how to move forward holding both music and motherhood in one life.
A few months after having my son I found myself one day sitting in a circle of new moms, all chatting happily away about the latest baby gear. I just couldn’t understand how they were so calm, acting as if life were completely normal, when for me, it seemed as if someone had just rearranged the gravitational pulls and orbits of everything in the universe.
I remember the exact moment post-partum when I took my first real breath in my new universe of motherhood. It was October 2014, over two years after giving birth.
Yes, two years.
I was driving home from the first full-length rehearsal of a multi-media performance piece I had a small musical part in, called “Matrilineart.” This brilliant work by the Santa Cruz based artist, mother and choreographer, Song Nelson, explored the relationship of motherhood and art.
And for the first time since I became a mother, the experience of motherhood was truly articulated for me.
I finally had words and could say,
“THAT’S what happened.”
And so I began the weaving of my music and my motherhood.
I have been turned away from gigs, and had fans unsubscribe from my mailing list because I have been so transparent in my parenting - bringing my son on tour and into music videos, singing about diapers, dishes and the heart-filled, as well as mundane, details of parenthood.
But I can’t do it any other way, I don’t know how to live two lives.
So this is my one life of music and motherhood,
motherhood and music.
This path has brought me into a whole new community of mother-artists. It has inspired songs about conception, pregnancy, birth, nursing, loving and growing. It has helped to co-create Womb Song, been the fodder for material in a chapter in a new book {see below!}, it has gained me entrance into institutes and art exhibits.
I am not the same musician I was before I gave birth, and I am grateful.
So this May I offer a deep bow to the Teacher that is Motherhood, in all its mundane yet cosmic, painful, breathtaking, exquisite wonder. To the mother in each of us, and the ones who birthed us into being…
with love, songs & gratitude,
~ Amanda
U P C O M I N G   E V E N T S :

Wednesday May 10th @ 12pm (Pacific Time)
on Women of Substance Radio
My song, "More Than Anything" will be featured on the
Celebrating Motherhood Series
listen worldwide online
Monday May 15th @ 7pm 
Womb Song
birth-centered singing circles for women
1307 Seabright Ave., Santa Cruz, CA
Friday May 19th, 2017 @ 2pm
Song Village 
A gathering of people who love to sing 
Megan & I will be leading a singing circle
celebrating the energy of the Mother.
Many other amazing song-leaders will also be here
over the course of the weekend including
MaMuse, Debbie Nargi-Brown, Lisa Littlebird & Heather Houston
Saturday May 20th, 2017
"Music of Motherhood: History, Healing and Activism" 
It's almost here! You can now pre-oder the book
in which I wrote a chapter on
the power of singing through pregnancy, birth & post-partum.
Use promo code MOTHERS to get 40% off 
July 31st - August 4th | 12:30 - 3pm each day
"The Art of Song" ~ a summer music camp for kids (7-12)
Mountains Art Center, Ben Lomond
Everyone can write a song! Come with an instrument or just yourself.
We will make music, make friends, play games and have fun!
Saturday July 29th @ 7:30pm 
Lille Aeske | 13160 Highway 9, Boulder Creek, CA
Pacifc Northwest Solar Eclipse Tour
August 2017 
Santa Cruz to Portland 
& everything in between
Private Lessons in Voice, Guitar & Songwriting
Summer Sessions Available!
Grandview Studios in Felton, and Sylvan Music in Santa Cruz
Specializing in work with girls and women. More details:

Amanda West 
~ Grounding Connection Through Music  ~
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