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Visit Our Website  01/18/16

In this issue:

  • A 25-Year OQ Reunion for Friends and Family
  • Super Sunday Comin' -- Featurin' Limitless Wings!
  • Lenten Menu

25-Year OQ Reunion:
This summer, Paddy O'Quigley's celebrated 25 years of business in Leawood (among other locales) with a Birthday Hoolie.
So now we're puttin' a 25-year spin on the annual mid-January reunion.  This Friday, January 23, former staff and all our guests, family and friends are invited to the 25-Year Reunion Hoolie.
In addition to our regular specials, we'll be givin' away 25-Year Birthday Hoolie glassware with every purchase of a pint (while supplies last), as well as koozies and other gear.
PBR Tallboys are on special for $2, as are KC Pils bottles -- both would go well with a free 25-Year Birthday koozie and the special flair it brings with it.
For more info, see the Events page of our website.
Super Sunday & $12.99 Limitless Wings:
Yep, ya read that right.  We're SUPER proud of our jumbo wings and know that anyone that tries 'em will love 'em.  Those in the know consider 'em among the best in KC with nine different flavors.
On Super Sunday, February 7th, during the Big Game, we'll be servin' up a Limitless Serving of those wings for only $12.99 with the purchase of any beverage for folks dinin' in.  You can get 'em any of nine ways be they:
Plain, Buffaloed, Char-Buffed, Hot Rods, Banshee Burners, BBOQ'd, Paddy O'd, Sriracha Lime, or Caribbean (Lug's) Jerked
Takin' the party home?  You can still get these big but delectable bites o' chicken to go.  In addition to our regular pricing, we're adding a special 25 for $25 option.  Perfect for partyin', watchin' and eatin'.
Lenten Menu:
A few faves are comin' back for a limited time only (a time better known as Lent). In addition to our other fish dishes like our famous Fish 'n Chips, we'll also add for your eatin' pleasure:
Blackened Shrimp Skewers
Ten large shrimp blackened and served alongside our special green beans and seasoned, curried rice
Paddy’s Shrimp O’Boy
Our take on the po’boy has fried shrimp with homemade slaw and chipotle aioli inside a hoagie bun w/side
~~~~~  Final Words for Our Family n' Friends ~~~~~
To all the days here and after
May they bring fond memories, happiness, and laughter

Paddy O'Quigley's