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December 2015
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Wildlife Rehabilitation Ireland News
photo © Alan McFadyen
Wildlife Crime Conference
September saw the 2nd Irish Wildlife Crime Conference held in Co Meath with over 140 delegates and 32 invited national and international speakers on a variety of topics. The weekend welcomed a diverse range of wildlife crime protection organisations which included government agencies, law enforcement, wildlife rehabilitators, conservationists, and veterinary professionals.
In the next newsletter we will be able to give you a link to a detailed conference report on our WRI website, for now it's still a work in progress.
In the meantime, Bev Truss wrote a great piece on the conference for the RSPB's Legal Eagle magazine.
The RSPB Investigations team have just released the latest edition of Legal Eagle so click here to have a read.

IWRC Wildlife Rehabilitation Course
Next 3 Course Dates Announced!
Last month we held three Wildlife Courses in as many weeks, and still more people want to do this Course - it's great to know so many people care about wildlife.
The next ‘Basic Wildlife Rehabilitation Course’ will be held on the 30th & 31st January 2016, in Ashbourne Community School, Ashbourne, Co Meath. Subsequent dates: 20th & 21st Feb, 26th & 27th March.
TO REGISTER for the Basic Wildlife Rehabilitation Course; click on the 'registration' tab on the Course website.
The website also has a detailed programme, report and past participants' reviews.
The two day course has been accredited by the Veterinary Council of Ireland for 22 CVE credits

A historic development in veterinary education
After discussions between a UCD vet student - Maxwell, his Professor - David, and wildlife enthuisiast and Technical Officer - Catherine; WRI were delighted to be invited to give a 3hr practical/wet-lab session to UCD vet students.

Exotics is taught in the veterinary curriculum but this was the first time wildlife 
treatment and first aid was specifically requested. Tina, Lilian and Rania had their hands full with 50 enthusiastic vet students.

Many of them were keen to learn more and no doubt we'll be seeing some of their faces at one of our future IWRC Wildlife Courses. 
To see more photos click on this link.
Rehabilitator News
Phone Harrassment

Most of the people who call wildlife rehabilitators because they've found an injured animal, are polite, keen to help and fundamentally grateful and appreciative of any help they receive from the rehabber.
Sadly however, more than one rehabber has contacted us to ask us to remove them from our website as they've received calls from people who are rude and ungrateful, and have made the rehabber feel hurt and harrassed.
Harassment and hate crimes can happen to anyone and it’s VERY important to note that harassment is illegal and you are entitled to report it to the Gardaí.
For further information please follow this link, it gives you valuable information on what harassment is, the different types and how it affects you.  It also provides advice on what to do, and how to cope if you're being harassed.

General Wildlife News
 © Linda Sweeney

4 Reasons why you should NEVER rescue wildlife to keep as pets 
"We’ve all been guilty of it at some point; seeing those adorable photos of squirrels being snuggled close to a person’s chest and feeling a pang of jealousy; cooing over foxes  behaving like fluffy puppies. 
What are some of the risks that caring for a wild animal could pose to our families and homes, and most importantly, how do these animals suffer for our happiness?
Many wild animals come to live with people after they have been found either injured or abandoned."  To read the full article click on this link.



How does a squirrel cross the road
A leading wildlife expert has called for squirrel flyovers for motorways to stop the animals being run over.
Alan Nolan said that there were tunnels for deer and badgers to cross, but no way for squirrels to safely bridge the roads.
Click on this link for the full article
 Internships / Externships - International
The Cape Wildlife Center is on High Cute Alert! 
The Cape Wildlife Center, Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA, offer  externships to interested individuals. The Centre is a non-profit wildlife rescue and rehabilitation facility that specialises in native species. CWC offers two externship programs; one stream focuses on all aspects of rehabilitation of wildlife geared towards students of biology, ecology, conservation and pre-veterinary medicine. The other stream is directed towards graduate veterinarians, third or fourth year veterinary students and CVT students/graduates. More info at this link.
The Northwoods Wildlife Center, a non-profit wildlife rehabiliation and education center located in Minocqua, Wisconsin, USA, is currently seeking 3 Spring Interns for 2016. Interns work with injured and orphaned wildlife and educate the public through guided Center tours. For more info click on this link.
Internships - Ireland
Photo  © Seal Rescue Ireland

Vacancies - Seal Rescue Ireland 
"Have you ever wanted to join our team? Now is your chance! We have 3 internship positions available (full time and minimum commitment of 3 months). If you think you have the skills and the heart to help our busy rescue centre please send us a Cover Letter and CV to sealrescueireland@gmail.com"
POSITIONS AVAILABLE (to start Feb 2016):
- Fundraising Internship
- Rehabilitation Internship
Stuck for a Christmas present for a loved one? Have a look at our 'Adopt a seal' gift option. For more info click here.
Volunteering - transporting wildlife casualties
Photos © Kildare Animal Foundation

Wildlife Transporters, Rescuers and Rehabilitators Required
We need volunteer rescue transporters and/or rescuers and rehabilitators to assist with wildlife casualties within the greater Dublin, Wicklow and Kildare areas. Animals and birds (contained)  need to be transported to vets, rehabilitators and to the shelter. Previous experience is useful but not essential as experienced volunteers are available to assist new volunteers with advice and practical, hands on help. Most of our volunteers work full-time but help out when they are available. Minimising trauma, rehabilitation and returning each patient to its natural environment is our ultimate aim.
Our method of communication is through whatsapp, ensuring the quickest response time possible to emergency rescue calls. You literally ‘jump in’ on the conversations if you are available to help with rescue and/or transport. You simply do what suits you at the time.
We do not receive any government funding and rely solely on public donation and volunteerism.
So, if you have a car, can cover the petrol expense, are on whatsapp and want to get involved, we would love to hear from you.

If you live on the northside of Dublin or outside of Dublin please phone Aideen on 086 3771209.
If you live on the southside of Dublin please phone Sasha on 085 856 0252.

Online Education - webinars
Getting children engaged with nature
The National Wildlife Federation offers an ongoing series of live webinars, great for educators and parents looking for ways to engage their kids with nature and conservation.
You can watch past webinars on such topics as:  Gardening with Wildlife, Bats, 'Extraordinary Wildlife', Creating a Schoolyard Habitat / Outdoor Classroom 
Follow this link to view the Webinars.
Illustration theveterinaryexpert.com
Pet Webinars
The organisation: 'Pet Webinars' have made every webinar recording on their website free to watch for the month of December.
You can browse the available videos to watch in their video archive  - there are over 70 available !!!
The webinars are aimed at domestic animal pet owners so there are lots on dogs and cats, but there are also webinars on rabbits, reptiles, birds and more.
You may recognise a few of the veterinary webinar presenters; some of them gave presentations at our past wildlife conferences!
Books / Publications

Wondering what to buy this festive season?..
Have a look at what all the charities have to offer; does your favourite charity have membership, adoption, a shop...? Consider giving to a good cause first.
If you're looking for a book, I've asked Father Christmas for this one:
Michael Viney 'Reflections on another life'
'In 1977 , Michael Viney abandoned a busy and successful media career in Dublin for 'Another life' in Thallabawn, Co. Mayo. His chronicles of that life have become classics of Irish journalism. This book brings you the very best of them.'  I'm hoping there will be a good selection of his beautiful illustrations in it too. Click here to purchase

  © Andrew Kelly
Poisoning of birds and other wildlife from ammunition-derived lead in the UK

All birds that ingest lead gunshot may suffer some welfare effect, and a proportion of them, perhaps of the order of hundreds of thousands, are likely to die from lead poisoning each year. Click HERE to read the publication from the Oxford Lead Symposium.

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