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You're in luck! The November-December Art of Personal Narrative is open for registration. Check our website for prerequisites. All performances take place at the Fremont Theater, located at 2393 NE Fremont in Portland.  If you're ready to sign up, please call 503-284-2226 for registration information.

Art of Personal Narrative
Portland Story Theater's Workshop SpacePortland Story Theater’s Art of Personal Narrative is a 7-session workshop over 5 weeks. This workshop gives participants an opportunity to discover and craft a personal story and deliver it in its true, authentic form before a live audience. This is a modern take on an ancient tradition: personal narrative, spoken straight from the heart.
There's only room for six adults (18+) to participate in each workshop. The 3:1 teacher-student ratio allows for a great deal of individual attention and is a reflection of our commitment to your success. The workshop takes place at the Home Studio of Portland Story Theater. We look forward to hearing from you!
May The Narrative Be With You!®
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