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Here is a recap of the reviews posted on MostlyFiction.com in the past month. Click on the title below to go directly to each review.

Reviews for book released in May 2009:

FAKE I.D. by Jason Starr (Reviewed by Daniel Luft)

SHANGHAI GIRLS by Lisa See (Reviewed by Jana L. Perskie)

SNOW FLOWER AND THE SECRET FAN by Lisa See (Reviewed by Jana L. Perskie)

THE SECRET SPEECH by Tom Rob Smith (Reviewed by Sudheer Apte)

STONE'S FALL by Iain Pears (Reviewed by Eleanor Bukowsky)

STONE'S FALL by Iain Pears (Reviewed by Kirstin Merrihew)

CEMETARY DANCE by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child (Reviewed by Dean Murphy)

ALEXANDRIA by Lindsey Davis  (Reviewed by Kirstin Merrihew)

THE FAMILY MAN by Elinor Lipman (Reviewed by Eleanor Bukowsky)

WANTING by Richard Flanagan  (Reviewed by Mary Whipple)


Reviews for book released in April 2009:

WWW : Wake by Robert J. Sawyer (Reviewed by Ann Wilkes)

GENESIS by Bernard Beckett (Reviewed by Kirstin Merrihew)

TEA TIME FOR THE TRADITIONALLY BUILT by Alexander McCall Smith  (Reviewed by Mary Whipple)

ADMISSION by Jean Hanff Korelitz (Reviewed by Eleanor Bukowsky)

SAG HARBOR by Colson Whitehead (Reviewed by Mary Whipple)

HEYDAY OF THE INSENSITIVE BASTARDS by Robert Boswell (Reviewed by Mary Whipple)

NOBODY MOVE by Denis Johnson  (Reviewed by Mary Whipple)

SAVE THE WHALES PLEASE by Konrad Karl Gatien & Sreescanda (Reviewed by Kirstin Merrihew)

THE TURNAROUND by George Pelecanos (Reviewed by Hagen Baye)

FIRST COMES LOVE, THEN COMES MALARIA by Eve Brown-Waite (Reviewed by Jana L. Perskie)

THE SONG IS YOU by Arthur Phillips (Reviewed by Poornima Apte)


Reviews for books released in March 2009:

WONDERFUL WORLD by Javier Calvo (Reviewed by Mary Whipple)

SILENT ON THE MOOR by Deanna Raybourn (Reviewed by Eleanor Bukowsky)

HONOLULU by Alan Brennert (Reviewed by Katherine Petersen)

MURDER AT THE RUE PARADIS by Cara Black (Reviewed by Guy Savage)


Reviews for books released in  January 2009:

THE NATION GUIDE TO THE NATION by Richard Lingeman (Reviewed by Poornima Apte)


Reviews for books released in 2008:

THE BOY IN THE STRIPED PAJAMAS by John Boyne (Reviewed by Jana L. Perskie)

EMPIRE OF HUMILIATION by James Jens Brusseau (Reviewed by Claudia Real)

PEOPLE OF THE BOOK by Geraldine Brooks (Reviewed by Jana L. Perskie)

THE GIFTED GABALDON SISTERS by Lorraine Lopez (Reviewed by Terez Rose)


And earlier than 2008:
THE BOOK THIEF by Markus Zuska (Reviewed by Jana L. Perskie)

Summer is here!  Where we are, in Quartzsite, Arizona just 80 miles north of Yuma, we've already experienced quite a few days over 100 F.  We are getting pretty used to it... when it cools to 93 F after sundown, we think it is getting cool.  If I go back to visit my family in NH, you'll know me... I'll be the one wearing the fleece jacket because it's only 80 degrees!  Mind you, I am not complaining... i LOVE this heat.
Nevertheless, we do not plan to stick around here much longer... seems if you have wheels under your home as we do, then the smart thing to do is drive to a higher altitude where it is cooler.  We have a few trips planned starting next week... so posting new reviews might be a little sporadic.  Since it is much faster to do the updates in the new format, hopefully I'll keep things going more or less smoothly.
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Hope your summer plans involve a lot of rest and relaxation --- and book reading.

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