Stories @ Capturing Courage Int'l - November 2013

“I was somewhere with you, a place I did not know…..there was people around  big ugly people that were chasing people and when they caught them …they would throw them in this muddy river…
You Cyndy  were standing on the shore and I was  standing beside you watching …..Then Cyndy you bent down and reached and caught one of people in the river and pulled him/her up. I could not tell if men or women or child was being pulled up with only one hand, so strong you looked, so strong you were.
I was afraid for you Cyndy you just kept pulling and pulling crying out “I can’t let go” over and over. and when you pulled we saw that the people were all attached to each other so that that there was a long line of them  coming up …how many we did not know .? It seems like never ending….
Then we heard a loud noise coming from where the ugly big people were, and then everything got quiet, and they had disappeared….we saw the water become clearer and all the people you had pulled out started to walk away from you and I. they were singing….loud singing and walking away.
You turn to me and said, “You must go home now” and then I woke up.
Last week I promised to share this prophetic dream about the trip to Mozambique. This dream is an exact description of the work done in the spirit realm and I am glad for it's help in expressing the work of the Lord there.
I am slowly unpacking the experience and the work of Mozambique.
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Cyndy Lavoie
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Cyndy Lavoie
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