Hello fellow cat lover,

I hope you are enjoying your Easter weekend.
Things are quiet here, which is also quite

We've had more snow, so not much fun to be
running around outside anyway.

So, if you're relaxing at home and have some
time this weekend, I have a great idea for
you, and it will make you feel you are making a
difference for some kitties in need.

There is a shelter near Boston, Massachusetts
that is in danger of closing down because
someone stole all their money.

In an effort to rebuild, they've applied to
an organization to get a shelter makeover.

That's where you and I come in. The organization
awards points to shelters in accordance with
the support they are getting from others.

We can help by signing up at the web site
below and naming them as the shelter to help.

Just go to http://www.zootoo.com and follow
these steps:

1. Click on Help
2. Click on Makeover Contest
3. Click Join Us
4. Fill out the form
-- list your pets if you like
-- select the shelter ID from the
drop down list.
They're called the Ten Lives Clubhouse

That's all there is to it!

It's a time for rebirth, so let's help
them get reborn, too! The contest ends
on March 31.